I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 1596

Chapter 1596 

“Miss Jung, farewell!” 

“Master Remy, please be careful on your way out.” 

After she sent Remy off, Marlee was still a little confused. 

As she stood on the roof of the merchant ship, she thought carefully about what Remy did and said after entering the door 

She seemed to gradually realize the context. 

“Had Remy taken a fancy to me? 

Marlee thought, her eyes widening. 

“It’s very possible! 

‘Otherwise, what was he doing here? 

“He kept asking about my family situation just to find out if I have a husband 

‘Plus, he held nothing back when answering my questions about the Central Sacred Continent 

“However, his plant was disrupted when Peggy came in and called me Mom. 

“No wonder Remy had been in such a low mood since Peggy left. 

“After learning that Peggy is her daughter, he bade farewell and left. 

“A big shot would be able to find any woman he wants, so he wouldn’t be interested in a woman who has given birth to a child.” 

It occurred to Marlee suddenly. 

“So Does David also 

“Pah! What was I thinking? 

“David is a direct descendant of a powerful force and he has become an Eternal at such a young age, so that means he is qualified to compete for the position of their heir 

“His status is countless times higher than Remy’s and he lives in a different world than me. 

“What’s more, I have given birth. 

“David’s marriage in the future will definitely be arranged by the forces behind him. 

The one he marries will definitely be the chosen one from Star Kingdom.” 

Marlee shook her head vigorously, dismissed the unrealistic thoughts in her mind, and turned to enter the 

merchant ship. 

Next, the merchant ship began to move forward a little bit. 

Remy never came to see Marlee again. 

Soon, it was their turn. 

After handing over the token engraved with 782 to another staff member, the merchant ship entered the 


The starry sky disappeared and their surroundings became pitch black. 

At this time, the merchant ship had entered six-dimensional space. 

The pressure here was far greater than the four-dimensional space that David once entered. 

All means of transportation entering this space could only travel through certain pre-constructed passages. 

Once they left the passage, they would instantly become powder. 

Even people were no exception. 

Only an Eternal like David might be able to resist it for a while. 

However, he would only live slightly longer 

Eternal could not tear apart the six-dimensional space, so it would just be a dead end for them. 

Of course, it was impossible to get out of this channel. 

The merchant ship where Marlee was located began to move forward uncontrollably 

The edge of the Central Sacred Continent was on the other end of the wormhole. 

David walked to the roof of the merchant ship at this time. 

As he looked at the pitch-black surroundings, he released his mind power and started exploring around 

It did not take long for David to discover that there were very solid objects blocking him in every direction. This was a long passage, and they could only go forward or backward. 

Going up, down, left, and right was forbidden. 

David also tried it with his mind power 

However, it did not work. 

He felt that even if he used all his strength to attack, it would be impossible to break through in even the slightest. 

“Is this a wormhole? 

“Sure enough, it is very strong. 

“It should be built by Saints. 

It is impossible for others to have the strength to build such a solid passage in a high-dimensional space!” 

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