I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 1597

Chapter 1597 

On a pier on the edge of the Central Sacred Continent, countless ships, large and small, crowded around densely. 

There was no end in sight. 

According to visual estimates, there were at least hundreds of thousands of ships. 

Although there were many ships, it did not appear chaotic. 

They were all in line and arranged in a very orderly manner. 

Many staff members were also directing the ships. 

More than 90% of these ships were merchant ships that transported goods. 

Some just got here and they were ready to sell their cargo on the Central Sacred Continent. 

On the other hand, some were preparing to set off from here to other places in Star Kingdom. 

The Central Sacred Continent had many piers like this. 

This was just one of them. 

The entire Central Sacred Continent accounted for 80% of Star Kingdom’s trading volume, so it was no joke. 

The volume of ships coming and going every day was scary. 

It could be said that there was no place in Star Kingdom more prosperous than the Central Sacred 


This was the place where every inch of land was like gold, making it the Star Kingdom’s famous money- squandering paradise. 

Almost all the forces that held even the slightest prestige would establish their industries on the Central 

Sacred Continent. 

David had undoubtedly made the optimum decision to spend his money here. 

If he spent tens of billions of Star Dollars in other places, he would certainly attract attention, but not here. 

The only thing he needed to pay attention to was that he could not spend too much at once when he did not have enough strength. Instead, he needed to accumulate his strength slowly. 

David started from the bottom while he was on Earth and got here step by step. 

Hence, he knew to make money without making any noise. 

Everything should be low-key, and it would be best if he could spend a lot of money and get a lot of lavish points without attracting others’ attention. 

Even if he could not, he had to first ensure that he could improve his strength as much as possible to deal with some emergencies. 

At this time, the merchant ship where Marlee was located had just exited the wormhole and was queuing up to enter the Central Sacred Continent. 

Their merchant ship looked petite and inconspicuous here. 

Any merchant ship around thern was ten times or even dozens of times bigger than them. 

However, they were lucky not to be discriminated against along the way. 

There was no communication between the merchant ships at all. 

Everyone had a job to do, and their defense was constantly activated. 

No one would be allowed inside the cabin except for the staff of the Central Sacred Continent to avoid unnecessary trouble. 

Soon, Marlee’s merchant ship got into the Central Sacred Continent. 

As soon as they entered the continent, the ships scattered and headed for their own destinations. 

After checking the map, Marlee directed the merchant ship to move in one direction. 

Originally, it was also her first time in the Central Sacred Continent so she should not be so familiar. 

However, Marlee learned the names and headquarters locations of some of the largest trading companies in the Central Sacred Continent from Remy before entering the wormhole. 

These large trading companies were relatively fair and just. 

They would not cheat Marlee and others just because they were from a small place. 

On the contrary, it would not be the same when it came to small trading companies. Some of them intentionally tried to scam merchants visiting from small places for the first time. 

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