I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 1598

Chapter 1598 

Marlee felt that Remy would not lie to her, nor was there any need for him to lie to her. 

Therefore, she chose a large trading company named Treasure Trove. 

There was no particular reason for choosing it. Marlee chose it as its name sounded pleasant to the ears. 

The result would be the same anyway. 

After determining the direction, Marlee made the merchant ship head towards the headquarters of Treasure Trove. 

However, before they could go far, a small spaceship blocked their way. 

Marlee looked at the small spaceship ahead with a puzzled expression. 

‘We’re already in the Central Sacred Continent and they still dare to hijack our ship? 

‘I didn’t think they would be so bold! 

‘There are still many merchant ships passing by, so why did they block us?” 

The other merchant ships that passed by were ignoring this as well. 

Since it was none of their business, they would not stick their noses into this. 

However, no matter what, Marlee refused to believe that there were people on the Central Sacred Continent who dared to rob them so blatantly. 

If so, who would dare to trade on the Central Sacred Continent in the future? 

Wouldn’t this be destroying their own brand? 

Marlee was just about to ask the other party’s purpose when she heard a voice from the small spaceship. 

“I wonder if this is your first time coming to the Central Sacred Continent? I am a know-it-all in this area. I have lived here since I was a child, and I know this place better than anyone else. If you need anything, you can ask me. I will recommend the most suitable company for you no matter if you want to sell or buy. If you want to sell, I will definitely give you the highest price, and if you want to buy, I will guarantee that you won’t spend any extra money. However, I will need some tips for my hard work.” 

It sounded like a young man. 

He was speaking very humbly, so Marlee and the others breathed a sigh of relief. 

‘He’s just here to solicit. I thought he was trying to rob us!” 

Although everyone figured the probability of this was basically zero, it was still the first time they came to the Central Sacred Continent, so their understanding of this place was quite limited. 

“Sorry! It’s not the first time we’ve come to the Central Sacred Continent, so we don’t need your help. Thank you for your kindness!” Marlee said politely. 

They were newcomers and the other party was local. 

Therefore, Marlee did not dare to offend him in the slightest. 

“Ma’am, don’t lie to me. I, Willie Hardigan, have been here for so many years. I haven’t learned anything apart from how to read people. When you just entered the Central Sacred Continent, you paused for a moment, so you must be looking at the map, right? If it’s not your first time, I’m sure you’ll be going straight to your destination, so why bother looking at the map, am I right?” The young man’s voice came 

from the spaceship again. 

“Although this is our first time, we already have a goal, so we don’t need your guidance. You should go to other merchant ships to see if they have any needs. Thank you,” Marlee said again. 

“Ma’am, the price of goods could change at any time. Sometimes, the same goods will have a huge difference in price just a day apart. What you know may not be first-hand information, but I have the latest information on this trade area. If you hire me, you will definitely not suffer any. losses 

Marlee was annoyed at the other party’s pestering. 

However, this was the first time she came to the Central Sacred Continent, so she did not want to offend 

the locals. 

After all, these guys had lived here for so long and they would have many connections. 

Marlee would not get any benefits if she offended them. 

She decided to hire the young man if the asking price was not high. 

The less trouble, the better. 

She would just think of this as spending money to avoid disaster. 

So, Marlee asked, “In that case, how much is your fee, Mr. Hardigan?” 

“Ma’am, you’re so wise! Soon you will know how cost-effective this decision is. I want to know whether you’re selling or buying,” Willie asked happily. 

“We’re selling!” 

“If you’re selling, my fee is very low. It is just one percent of the value of the goods you sell.” 

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