I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 1601

Chapter 1601

The merchant ship was constantly accelerating and yet it still could not get rid of Willie,

who was following far behind.

Marlee could not shake the feeling that this guy must have malicious intentions in following them, but she had no way to stop him.

They could not lose him either.

If she warned him, the other party probably would not pay any attention to her.

It would be even more impossible to use force.

Aside from the fact of whether we could win, this was the other party’s territory.

What would she use to fight with them?

Enter title…

Fortunately, David, the Eternal, was on board, so Marlee was assured.

Eternals were nothing in the eyes of those big forces, but they were still a powerful deterrent to the people at the bottom.

It would be the same no matter where one was.

Willie was just someone who introduced business to the merchant ship who came to the Central Sacred Continent for the first time.

This was how he would earn commissions.

After thinking about it, Marlee figured he would not have any big forces behind him to support him.

Otherwise, he would not be doing this job.

After Marlee thought this through, she decided to let him follow them.

She did not believe that this guy would dare to keep following her once they got to Treasure Trove.

Treasure Trove was one of the top trading companies in the Central Sacred Continent,

so its business was spread throughout Star Kingdom.

Hence, it had countless assets and countless powerful people, and they would not let a

rat like Willie act recklessly.

They would not work with such a person so as to not tarnish the company’s reputation.

Word of mouth was very important for big trading companies.

Once it gained a reputation of bullying dominating the market, or scamming the weak, no

one would dare to come trade here. Eventually, this would be a huge blow for a big

trading company.

Time was passing fast.

In the blink of an eye, half a day had passed.

Willie is still following far behind the merchant ship.

He would not catch up nor would he stay too far away.

On the way, Marlee also encountered a patrol ship with the word ‘Central’ engraved on it.

Presumably this was the people sent by the Central Sacred Continent officials to

manage law and order.

At the same time, Marlee also discovered something.

When they ran into a patrol ship, Willie would suddenly disappear from behind the

merchant ship.

Marlee thought the other party had given up.

However, after the patrol ship moved away, this guy appeared again.

From this, Marlee deduced that Willie was very afraid of patrol ships.

He probably had a bad reputation to the Central Sacred Continent officials.

Perhaps others had frequently complained about him.

Marlee made up her mind.

If she encountered the official patrol ship of the Central Sacred Continent again, she

would complain to the other party that Willie was being too demanding and pestering.

However, in the following period, Marlee did not meet any other patrol ships.

A fat figure got Lou’s notice in the small ship.

Lou said he was almost there.

Fat Willie was shocked. ‘He finally came.’

He quickly told Lou the location, and sent the photo of the merchant ship ahead.

Then, he slowed down and stopped following.

Willie understood that if the other party learned that Willie was the one who contacted

Lou, they would not sell their goods to Lou.

The purpose of him following behind them was to determine their location so that Lou

could find the target accurately.

Now, it was time for him to retire and prepare to split the money.

He just did not know how much the goods on this merchant ship were worth nor how

much money he could get.

‘If the other party was so concerned about the 1%, then it should be quite a lot.’

Willie thought happily

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