I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 1602

Chapter 1602

When he first entered this line of work, he also tried his best to serve the merchant ship

that came to the Central Sacred Continent for the first time so he could find the best

deals for his employers.

He would always choose large trading companies and strive to obtain more benefits for

his employers.

Gradually, Willie found that doing so would not make much money at all.

No money meant no resources.

Without resources, he could not quickly increase his strength.

If he could not improve his strength, he could only struggle at the bottom.

Enter title…

The people in the same field as him all made a lot of money because they secretly used

alternative means to deceive their employers.

Willie also gradually began to become depraved.

He still remembered the first employer he cheated. It allowed him to earn money that he

would typically earn over a few years.

He became addicted right away and could not extricate himself anymore.

He did not care how much these people went through before they brought the goods to

the Central Sacred Continent.

Willie only knew that he could not stay at the bottom this whole time.

He wanted to climb upto be above everyone.

If he still did his best to serve his employer as before, it was estimated that he might not

even have reached Infinity Rank, or only barely enter it.

However, he had broken through to partial Eternal Realm not long ago.

This was the gap between the two tactics.

In Star Kingdom, talent was of course important, but resources were even more


No matter how great one’s talent was, it was also difficult to achieve something if one did

not have the resources.

Even if you had a chance to achieve something, no one knew when this would happen.

Inside the merchant ship’s control room.

“Miss, that guy disappeared again.”

Marlee was overjoyed.

‘Are we going to run into the patrol ship of the Central Sacred Continent again?

‘I have to make sure to complain about this guy.

‘I can’t let him follow me anymore.’

Even if the other party did not do anything, Marlee would still feel uncomfortable.

The merchant ship continued to drive forward for an hour, but still did not encounter any

patrol ships.

Willie’s small spaceship never reappeared either.

A little doubt rose in Marlee’s heart.

Throughout this period, the merchant ship drove forward for another hour.

At this time, a larger merchant ship suddenly appeared ahead, blocking the way of

Marlee and others.

Marlee commanded the merchant ship to change direction to get ready to pass the other

party and move on.

However, the other party also moved their ship to continue blocking them.

Marlee’s merchant ship changed direction several times in a row but was still stopped.

Marlee knew that the other party had come for her.

So, she asked politely, “May I know what’s the meaning of this? Why are you blocking

my way?”

“Ma’am, don’t get me wrong! We are the itinerant merchants of this area. You seem very

unfamiliar with the territory, so I guess you don’t come here often, right? May I know

what you want to sell? If you sell it to me, I will definitely give you the highest price.”

A middle-aged man’s voice reached Marlee’s ears.

Marlee frowned.

Willie had just left, and this guy came immediately to buy from her.

‘How can there be such a coincidence?’

Furthermore, the other party directly asked her what she wanted to sell.

Thus, Marlee had to tie the two together.

It was likely that they had colluded.

“Sorry! We’re not here to sell. Sir, please let us go,” Marlee replied.

“Are you here to buy then? I can find anything you need, and the price will definitely

satisfy you.”

‘We’re not here to buy either.”

“You must be joking. The Central Sacred Continent is the largest trade continent in Star

Kingdom. There are hundreds of thousands of large and small trade zones. If you’re not

buying or selling, are you here for fun? In that case, you’ve come to the wrong place.”

‘This is none of your business.”

“You’re right, but as a local merchant in this area, I must let every guest who comes here

have a good experience.”

“You getting out of the way would be the best experience.”

“No, no, no! You’re wrong. I must serve you well no matter what you want to buy or sell.”

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