I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 1605

Chapter 1605 

David did not ask Marlee and the others to leave because he did not think it was necessary. 

They were safe under the protection of his mind power. 

Now that David had spoken, sure enough, Marlee stayed. 

She also did not want to leave and miss the battle between Eternals. 

She was just worried about affecting or distracting David, which was why she wanted to leave. 

However, what David said to Marlee and the others sounded extremely insulting to Lou. 

It sounded as if David was looking down on him. 

You are nothing but a beginner Ruler Ranker while I am a dignified mid-Ruler Ranker. 

I am one level higher than you and you dare keep those burdens around while fighting with me. 

‘How reckless. 

‘Don’t think that you’ll win just because you initially gained the upper hand. 

‘The real battle begins now.” 

Lou was only relieved when his subordinates drove the merchant ship far away. 

The people on the merchant ship were all his confidantes whom he trained over the years, so he could not let anything happen to them. 

Otherwise, he would be all alone. 

Now that they were gone, Lou would fight without worries. 

However, after seeing David’s appearance clearly, Lou murmured in his heart. 

“This kid is a little young.” 

Just now, the other party attacked without saying a word, so he did not observe carefully. 

Only now could he see clearly. 

“If he became an Eternal at such a young age, it means he has a pretty powerful force supporting him. 

‘Did that punk Willie lie to me?” 

However, Lou could not give in at this time so he could only bite the bullet and said, “My friend, I was wrong, but we’re all Eternals and you’re being so disrespectful.” 

“Really? Why do I think I went too easy on you? Don’t you know what you want to do with that kid named Willie? If I weren’t here today, the cargo Marlee and the others worked so hard and went through several life and death situations to transport would have been plundered by you. Do you think I need to give you any respect?” David said coldly. 

“My friend, you misunderstood me. I, Lou Sirr, am a serious merchant. Of course, I will pay if I am buying. It’ll not be taken for free. My price will definitely satisfy everyone, and I have nothing to do with the person you mentioned,” Lou did not admit his relationship with Willie. 

‘That kid caused so much trouble for me. 

“I will have to settle accounts with him after this! 


“As a man, aren’t you ashamed of lying through your teeth like that? You probably don’t even believe what you said! Do you think we will believe it?” David sneered.. 

“My friend, that’s too much!” Lou said, frowning. 

Lou considered himself defeated since there was an Eternal hidden on the target merchant ship. 

He would be fine if he had to apologize or pay some reasonable damages. 

However, he was a mid-Ruler Ranker. 

Therefore, he was still enraged when the other party was so disrespectful. 

“Is it? I don’t think so! Do you know how much painstaking effort Marlee and the others have spent on this cargo, and how many risks they have gone through to transport it safely to the Central Sacred Continent? Behind this is the rise and fall of a family. You unscrupulous merchants only do things against your conscience. Don’t you think you’re also too much?” David sneered. 

“So, what do you want?” Lou asked. 

“Get that kid named Willie, and you both should apologize to Marlee. Then, compensate them for causing them distress. After that, this matter will be over and I will not pursue it.” 

“Impossible! You actually want me, an Eternal, to apologize to someone at Universe Realm? What wishful thinking! If I do this, how will I show my face in this area in the future?” Lou directly rejected David’s request without hesitation. 

He could still barely apologize to David the Eternal. 

After all, he was wrong. 

On the contrary, it would be impossible for him to apologize to someone at Universe Realm. 

Was he so thick-skinned? 

“I don’t care, but if you don’t apologize to Marlee, then I will have to use force. I hope you won’t regret it later.” 

Lou laughed at David’s words. 


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