I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 1610

Chapter 1610 

The merchant ship descended to a low altitude and immediately, a ship approached. 

A young man’s voice came from inside. 

“Hello, I am the navigator of this large trade zone. If you need anything, just ask me. I know this place very well.” 

Upon seeing the word ‘Central’ engraved on the other party’s ship, Marlee felt relieved. 

If they were another swindler like Willie, there would not be the word ‘Central’ on their ship. 

This was a means of transportation that only staff members recognized by the Central Sacred Continent officials could drive. 

Anyone impersonating them would definitely be severely punished if caught. 

Over here, no one dared to violate the authority of the Central Sacred Continent. 

“Thank you, my Lord. We want to go to the headquarters of Treasure Trove, but I don’t know where it is,” Marlee asked politely. 

“Ma’am, don’t call me that. I’m just a little navigator, and I am not worthy to be called that. I don’t deserve it and I’ll be punished if my superior overhears this,” the other party immediately panicked and said. “Judging from your voice, you don’t sound very old, so I’ll just call you my little friend,” Marlee thought for a while, then changed her words. 

“Okay! Ma’am, this is the first time you’re here at the Central Sacred Continent, right?” 

“Yes! We are indeed visiting the Central Sacred Continent for the first time.” 

“No wonder! I can show you the way if you want to go to Treasure Trove.” 

“Thank you for your time then, my friend.” 

“You’re too humble, Ma’am. My work here is to serve everyone who comes here to trade so that you can come and return happily. Please come with me.” 

“By the way, how much will this cost me?” Marlee could not help asking. 

With her previous experience with Willie, she was still a little worried that she would be cheated. 

Now that she was here, Marlee could still find Treasure Trove’s headquarters even without a guide, but it would be time-consuming. 

She did not want to spend money on this. 

“Ma’am, you misunderstood. We don’t charge any fees.” 

“I see! Thank you, my friend.” 

The merchant ship followed the navigator all the way, and it did not take long for them to arrive in front of a huge manor. 

The words ‘Treasure Trove’ was written on the signboard of the manor. 

When they got here, the navigator took his leave. 

His responsibilities were taken over by a woman from Treasure Trove. 

The merchant ship was arranged to park inside the manor. 

David and Marlee disembarked to meet the steward from Treasure Trove. 

Marlee was going to discuss the deal, and David was going to ask if Treasure Trove would hold an auction soon. 

This was currently David’s biggest concern. 

It was related to whether he could improve his strength in a short time. 

The two were brought into a room and were welcomed by an old man. 

Next to the old man stood a veiled young woman. 

Although David and Marlee could not see the woman’s face clearly, judging from her figure, they could confirm that she was stunning. 

The moment he saw the old man, David felt the powerful energy from him. 

Although the old man did not show it on purpose, David’s keen senses still detected it. 

‘This old man’s energy was not much weaker than Celeste’s. 

‘He’s a Sovereign Ranker, 

‘The veiled woman’s strength is not weak either. She’s definitely not inferior to Lou, who I just fought. 

‘The key is that this woman is also young!” 

David hid his mind power. 

Sovereign Rankers could cultivate mind power, so if the old man knew that David had mind power, it would be troublesome. 

Right now, he was no match for Sovereign Rankers at all.

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