I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 1615

Chapter 1615 

“I see! Since you’ve said that, I won’t ask any more questions, but if you want to buy Soulbound Weapons, I’m afraid you can’t! Although I have them now, I can’t sell them to you!” Elmer said slowly. 

“Why not?” David asked with a frown. 

“Because even the lowest-level Soulbound Weapon is a treasure. More than 80% of the Eternals in Star Kingdom don’t have Soulbound Weapons and many of them won’t own one in their entire lives. Such treasures can only be found in auctions. They will not only sell for a higher price, but they will also increase the reputation of the company. If you want to buy a Soulbound Weapon, you can only go to an auction.” 

“There shouldn’t be any Soulbound Weapons in a general auction, right?” 

“Of course! Treasures at the same level as Soulbound Weapons will only appear in auctions held by large trading companies. However, it is not absolute. Some small trading companies will jointly organize auctions to attract attention, and there might also be Soulbound Weapons sold there too.” 

“Is Treasure Trove holding any upcoming auctions?” 

“Yes, but not here.” 

As soon as he heard that there was an auction in Treasure Trove, David immediately became interested and asked, “Where is it going to be held?” 

“In the super-large trade zone in the west. The real headquarters of Treasure Trove is over there. There will be a large-scale auction held shortly, and there will be many treasures sold. Low-level Soulbound Weapons can only be regarded as average in this auction,” Elmer said proudly. 

As someone who worked at Treasure Trove, Elmer would naturally be proud of the strength of Treasure Trove 

David was instantly excited. 

‘A low-level Soulbound Weapon can only be considered average? 

“That is to say, there are more advanced treasures than Soulbound Weapons? 

‘Does it mean I can spend more money and get more lavish points?” 

David did not think about getting to Saint Realm for now. 

He had to raise his strength to Sovereign Rank first. 

That way, he would be valued by others. 

His current strength was still too low, and he was young. 

Therefore, it would be hard to make people believe what he was saying. 

“Old Master Whitlock, it is possible for me to participate in this auction?” David asked expectantly. 

“Sorry, David! The invitations for the auction were sent out three months ago, and they were all allocated according to the number of seats. You are too late. If you came earlier, I could still get one for you,” Elmer said apologetically. 

“It’s okay, Old Master Whitlock! As long as I can enter the auction, I can stand and I don’t need a seat,” David said quickly 

He did not care whether he had a seat or not. 

As long as he could enter the auction site and participate in the bidding, even if he was asked to kneel, David would probably agree, let alone stand. 

David never wanted to experience the powerlessness and the feeling of being manipulated at will when facing Nek in the Iridescent Sect again. 

This upgrade was just the first step to overcoming this. 

As long as he could successfully participate in the auction this time, he could raise his strength to Sovereign Rank. 

Next, he should consider how to get more lavish points and get to Saint Realm. 

“David, those who can enter the auction are all prominent figures in Star Kingdom. It is impossible for trading companies to make our guests stand. It will make Treasure Trove seem ignorant, and if word of this spreads, it will give us a bad reputation.” Elmer shook his head with a smile. 

He was right. 

Those who could receive invitations and enter the site of such a large auction were not simple. 

Even if David did not care, Elmer would not allow him to go in and stand. 

Otherwise, if word got out, Treasure Trove would definitely be mocked by other trading companies. Furthermore, even if Elmer wanted David to enter, the people at the headquarters would not allow it. If he did not have an invitation, he would not be able to get in. 

“Old Master Whitlock, this auction is very important to me. As long as you let me in, I, David Lidell, will owe you a favor, and I will prepare a big reward for you in the future,” David said seriously. 

His participation in the auction was directly related to whether he could quickly become a Sovereign Ranker 

Time was very important to David now. 

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