I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 1616

Chapter 1616 

Therefore, he had to pay attention. 

As long as Elmer could get him into an auction, then he would be a man of his word. 

Even if he became a Saint in the future, he would still owe Elmer a favor. 

Elmer probably had no idea at this point. 

If he rejected David now, he would be rejecting the favor of a Saint or someone at an even higher realm. 

This favor was enough for him to prosper and become an existence that no one in Star Kingdom dared to mess with. 

“David, I’m sorry! All the invitations have been sent out, and there’s nothing I can do about it.” Elmer finally said helplessly. 

Frankly speaking, if they had not finished sending out the invitations, he would also have liked to get one to help David. 

He wanted to see if what David said is true and if he was the disciple of a True Saint and would also become a Saint in the future. 

However, all the invitations had already been sent out, and he could not help David even if he wanted to. “Old Master Whitlock, is there really nothing you can do?” David asked disappointedly. 

He could only accumulate wealth slowly if he could not participate in the auction. 

He would now know how long it would take for him to reach Sovereign Ranker. 

Elmer shook his head, meaning that he indeed had no other way. 

“Apart from Treasure Trove, are there any major auctions held by other trading companies recently?” David asked again. 

“David, this kind of large-scale auction is very difficult to come by. After all, there are only so many precious treasures to be collected, and trading companies also need to consider everyone’s spending habits. Treasures are not cheap, and except for a few big forces, most people will not buy again in a short while after they bought one or two pieces, so the interval between such large-scale auctions is relatively long to allow everyone time to accumulate funds. Normally, they will only hold a second one in another few years at least,” Elmer explained. 

David understood, but at the same time, he was a little disappointed. 

However, he did not give up. 

If Elmer had no other way, it did not mean others did not. 

In any case, the auction had not been held yet, so there was still a chance for him to participate. 

Next, he planned to go to the super-large trade zone to see if he could figure out how to get an invitation. 

David believed that not everyone who received an invitation wanted to buy these treasures. 

There were definitely people who did not want to buy anything. 

He just needed to find such a person and buy the invitation from them at a high price. 

However, finding this person was not easy because David could not get the list of those who received the 


Treasure Trove could not possibly give it to him either. 

Therefore, he could only look for them slowly. 

“Old Master Whitlock, may I know how long it will be until the auction is held?” David asked. 

“Probably a little more than a month,” Elmer replied. 

‘A month! 

‘There is still time!” 

“Thank you, Old Master Whitlock. I won’t bother you then, goodbye!” David was about to leave after finishing speaking. 

He still had time. 

If he missed this auction, he would miss the opportunity to quickly improve his strength. 

When David got up, a crisp voice called out to him all of a sudden. 

“Do you really want to participate in this auction so badly?” 

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