I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 1617

Chapter 1617 

David turned around. 

It was the veiled woman standing beside Elmer who spoke. 

David had noticed this woman long ago. 

She was wearing a veil, so it was either she had a gorgeous face and did not want to shock others and cause trouble, or she was so hideous that she did not want to scare others. 

Judging from her perfect figure, David felt that the former was more likely. 

It would be such a pity if it was the latter. 

She was young but she was not weak. 

She was stronger than David, and she was at least a mid-Ruler Ranker. It was possible that she was even a late Ruler Ranker. 

However, the woman stood beside Elmer and poured tea for him, so David guessed that she should be Elmer’s junior. 

She was just following along to learn and gain some experience. 

‘Does she have a way to get me into the auction when Elmer can’t?’ 

David could not believe it. 

However, he still replied, “Yes! This auction is very important to me. As long as anyone can help me participate in the auction, I, David Lidell, will owe them a favor and will never break my promise.” 

“How much is one of your favors worth?” The veiled woman asked curiously. 

“You’ll know in the future!” 

“It seems you have a lot of confidence in yourself.” 

“Of course! If I don’t even have this confidence, how can I become a Saint in the future?” 

‘A Saint? 

‘What a brave thing to say!’ 

Both Elmer and the veiled woman felt that David was a little too confident. 

Who in Star Kingdom could guarantee that they could enter Saint Realm? 

Even the heirs of those superpowers probably would not dare to say that. 

When one got to Saint Realm, foreign objects would have no effect. 

One could only realize their potential by themselves. 

If one had a thorough realization, one would enter Saint Realm. If they could not, they would stay at peak Eternal Realm or partial Eternal Realm. 2 

Even if David’s Master was a True Saint, he could not help David achieve Saint Realm. 

Hence, how could David dare to say that? 

“I can help you get an invitation card and allow you entry into the auction site,” the veiled woman said. 

David looked away from the veiled woman and looked at Elmer suspiciously. 

Obviously, he did not believe that the woman in front of him could do what Elmer could not. 

Only then did Elmer explain, “David, I forgot to introduce you. This is the third young mistress of Treasure Trove. It’s very easy for her to get you an invitation with her identity.” 

‘Third young mistress?’ 

David was even more confused now. 

‘If she’s the third young mistress, why is she standing? 

‘How can a servant sit while his employer stands? 

‘Shouldn’t it be the opposite?’ 

Elmer seemed to notice David’s curiosity, so he continued to explain, “She’s here to learn so she doesn’t want to expose her identity.” 

‘I see!’ 

David understood a little more now. These big shots had a special way of thinking and they liked to mingle with the common people incognito. 

Hence, he asked, “Miss, can you get me an invitation?” 

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