I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 1622

Chapter 1622 

Since it had been bestowed to him by his master, David would be skinned alive by his master when he went back if he sold it. 

“Then Miss Fellowes, what about the auction?” David was most concerned about this now. 

“Mr. Lidell, you might as well rest here for a few days and then go back with me. When the time comes, will let you enter the auction site,” Alba said. 

“Thank you, Miss Fellowes! If you need anything in the future, I will help you as long as it’s within my power,” David said excitedly immediately. 

He could now enter the auction. 

If he bid on a few treasures at random, he could quickly improve his strength. 

After that, he would no longer be as weak as he was now. He was weak and had too many restrictions. “Okay! Then it’s settled. I will let you enter the auction, and you will owe me a favor. Of course, I won’t use it indiscriminately and make you do something that violates your principles.” 

“It’s a deal!” 

“It’s a deal!” 

David put away the Evil-Splitting Sword and left contentedly. 

Alba had someone arrange a place for him. 

Now, only Alba and Elmer were left in the room. 

“Elmer, based on your judgment, can you see what’s special about this sword?” Alba asked suddenly. 

“Miss Alba, I can discuss other treasures with you, after all, I have so many years of experience, but in terms of weapons, it’s best for me not to try to show off. Who doesn’t know that you have studied countless weapons and even studied hundreds of Soulbound Weapons? I am ashamed to say that I have never seen as many Soulbound Weapons in my life, let alone studied them,” Elmer replied honestly. 

He was not being modest, nor was he exaggerating or trying to suck up to Miss Alba. 

This was genuinely the case. 

Who on the Central Sacred Continent did not know that Miss Alba from Treasure Trove was a weapons. junkie? 

There were very few Soulbound Weapons handled by Treasure Trove that had not been studied by Miss Alba beforehand. 

Although Elmer had rich experience in appraising treasures, he was inferior to Miss Alba when it came to 


“Based on your years of experience, what do you think of that sword?” Alba continued to ask. 

“Misc Alba, this sword is red and it’s amazingly sharp. It has a very piercing energy that lingered in the air before it was even used. If I am correct, this should be a rare high-level Soulbound Weapon.” Elmer first said how he felt and finally expressed his own judgment. 

“A high-level Soulbound Weapon? Elmer, you’ve made a misjudgment this time,” Alba said with a grin. 


Elmer was a little reluctant to admit this. 

This sword was the best quality he had ever seen. 

Elmer had seen more than one mid-level Soulbound Weapons, and he could guarantee that they did not look like the Evil-Splitting Sword. 

However, since Miss Alba said he was wrong, he might have indeed overlooked something. 

After all, he was so far away from the sword, and he could not get a close look at it, so it was normal for him to misjudge. 

Elmer still believed in Miss Alba’s words 

In terms of weapons research, very few people in the Central Sacred Continent could compare to Miss Alba. 

This was due to talent and the result of Miss Alba’s hard work for so many years. 

As the saying went, practice made perfect. 

Miss Alba had studied many Soulbound Weapons, so she had a lot of experience. 

“Miss Alba, although I haven’t been able to get a close look at it, based on my years of experience, there is no doubt that this is a peerless sword. Even if it is not a high-level Soulbound Weapon, it is also the 

best among mid-level Soulbound Weapons that is comparable to high-level Soulbound Weapons,” Elmer said affirmatively 

“Elmer, your vision is a bit narrow. Why did you think lower of it and not higher after I told you that you’ve made a misjudgment?” 

“Think higher?” 

Elmer did not understand what Alba meant for a while. 

“Miss Alba, I was too foolish.” 

“Are there only mid-level and low-level Soulbound Weapons in this world? Alba asked meaningfully. 

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