I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 1623

Chapter 1623 

As soon as Alba said this, Elmer was instantly enlightened. 

‘Yes indeed! 

‘Since David’s Evil-Splitting Sword looks so good, and Miss Alba said that I’ve misjudged by saying it’s a high-level Soulbound Weapon. 

“Why didn’t I think higher? 

“What’s better than a high-level Soulbound Weapon?” 

Elmer was shocked at this moment 

‘Aren’t first-rate Soulbound Weapons above high-level Soulbound Weapons? 

‘That’s something only True Saints and above can possess. 

‘David is just a weak Ruler Ranker, so how did he get a first-rate Soulbound Weapon? 

‘Something’s not right! 

‘David’s master sounds fishy. 

“Even if this person is a True Saint, he can’t randomly give a first-rate Soulbound Weapon to his disciple. ‘Could it be…’ 

Elmer did not dare to think about it anymore as this was likely to involve the secrets of Star Kingdom. Elmer was a mid-Sovereign Ranker, so he was not qualified to understand this at all. 

Only by crossing Eternal Realm and stepping into Saint Realm could he learn some of the secrets surrounding Star Kingdom. 

“Miss Alba, are you saying that David’s sword is a first-rate Soulbound Weapon?” Elmer asked in disbelief. “I should be right. I have also studied high-level Soulbound Weapons, and they don’t look like that. It has a sharp edge before it’s even used. Once used, it’s hard to imagine how powerful this sword will be. David can definitely leapfrog the battle with it,” Alba confirmed. 

“Then David’s master.. 

Before Elmer finished speaking, he was interrupted by Alba. 

“Careful! These things are not something that Eternals like us can ask.” 

“Yes, Miss Alba, I understand!” 

Elmer let out a deep breath. 

‘How shocking. 

“I didn’t expect a young man to possess a first-rate Soulbound Weapon and also have a Sacred Saint 

behind him.” 

“Isn’t the woman with David here to sell raw nuclear magnetic ore? They should have a good relationship. I’ll increase the price for her later. We must build a good relationship with David and can’t be negligent in the slightest,” Alba instructed. 

“Miss Alba, don’t worry, I’ll do it right away!” Elmer replied. 

“Also, we mustn’t leak news of today’s incident. Since David was sent by his master to practice, he certainly doesn’t want to be in the spotlight. If we lure his master out, who can bear his anger?” 

“I understand.” 

David did not know that Alba and Elmer’s imagination had run wild after he took out his sword. 

If he knew of this he would surely have burst into laughter. 

He wanted to achieve this effect, and it was why he had created the idea of a mysterious master 

He wanted others to think that he had someone powerful supporting him. 

That way, other people would not cause trouble for him. 

However, he did not expect such a good result. 

David also understood that an external force was always an external force, and his lies would eventually be exposed one day. 

However, most important thing now was to improve his strength. 

Therefore, he attached great importance to this auction. 

Marlee brought the inspector from Treasure Trove to the merchant ship to inspect all the raw nuclear magnetic ore. 

Just as he was about to leave, Elmer came over 

“Mr Whitlock,” the inspector said respectfully. 

Elmer was in charge here. 

Except for Miss Alba who just arrived, Elmer had the most authority here. 

“How’s this batch of raw nuclear magnetic ore?” Elmer asked casually. 

The quality is very good, so we can purchase them,” the inspector replied truthfully. 

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