I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 1624

Chapter 1624 

Marlee also quietly breathed a sigh of relief next to him when she heard that. 

Although she was very confident in her goods, she was also afraid. “What if the quality does not meet the Treasure Trove’s requirements? 

Now that she heard what the inspector said, she could finally feel relieved. 

“Okay You’re not needed here anymore. You can leave now.” 


The inspector left. 

“Miss Jung, please, let’s talk!” Elmer bent down and made a gesture of invitation. 

“Mr. Whitlock, you should go ahead,” Marlee said, feeling flattered. 

Mr. Whitlock had a high status in Treasure Trove, so she did not dare go ahead of him. 

“Miss Jung, you don’t have to be so courteous. Please!” Elmer insisted. 

Marlee figured the man would not give up if she did not go, so she walked ahead with some doubts 

At this moment, she was very puzzled. 

In the room just now, Mr. Whitlock’s attitude towards her was not like this. 

His identity was evident, while Marlee was the most insignificant member of Treasure Trove’s many guests 

For Marlee, the transaction volume of 6 billion Star Dollars might affect the continuation of her family. 

On the contrary, for a big trading company like Treasure Trove, it was not impressive at all. 

Mr Whitlock’s attitude in the room was expected. 

However, he changed so suddenly after just a short while. 

Marlee struggled to accept this. 

“Is it because of David? 

Marlee thought about it and thought it was very possible! 

David stayed in the room after she left. 

David should have exposed his identity and she came with David. 

That was why Mr Whitlock suddenly changed his attitude. 

It seemed she was right. 

David must belong to some powerful force. 

The two returned to the room just now. 

Both Alba and David are gone. 

“Miss Jung, due to unforeseen circumstances, the price of the raw nuclear magnetic ores may change a little bit,” Elmer said first 

“Mr Whitlock, we’ve agreed on the price of the raw nuclear magnetic ores just now and your inspector 

has also inspected them. He said that there is no problem, so why is there a change now? Is such a big trading company like Treasure Trove so dishonest?” Marlee asked immediately. 

In reality, the price of the raw nuclear magnetic ores had far exceeded the ideal price in Marlee’s heart. She could accept a small decrease. 

However, she figured that if she did not give a huge reaction, she was worried the other party might lower it bytoo much. 

“Miss Jung, please calm down. The change I’m talking about is not to lower the purchase price, but rather, to increase it,” Elmer said with a smile. 


Marlee was stunned for a moment. 

Raise the price even further? 


This price was already far beyond her imagination, yet the other party actually said that it would go up 

even more. 

Did he feel sorry for her because she crossed 180000 cosmic kilometers and experienced possible death to transport the goods here? 

However, in an instant, Marlee dismissed the idea. 

No matter how rich a trading company was, it would never give out money for no reason. 

There must be some reason behind this. 

‘Could it be that Treasure Trove is currying favors with me in order to please David? 

Marlee only thought of this possibility. 

Otherwise, the other party had no reason to do this. 

They were clearly giving her money. 

It seemed that she had still underestimated David. 

Even a big trading company like Treasure Trove wanted to please him, which showed his strong background. 

At this moment, Marlee also wanted to know what identity David was hiding.

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