I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 1626

Chapter 1626 

The moment David opened the door, one of the beauties said respectfully, “Master David, you’re awake. We are here to help you to wash up.” 

David was not surprised by this. 

Many rich and powerful people would enjoy these kinds of services. 

“You can put them on the table, I’ll do it myself,” David said. 

He was still not used to being waited upon. 

“Master David, let us help you! If you refuse, we will be punished,” the two beauties said in a panic. 

Their job was to serve the VIPs of Treasure Trove. 

If the guests were not satisfied, they would be punished by Treasure Trove. 

“That’s fine. Come in first.” David did not want to make things difficult for the two beauties either 

It was not easy for anyone struggling at the bottom. 

When he was on Earth, he was a part-time food delivery man. 

Hence, he had thoroughly experienced the hardships of being at the bottom. 

“Thank you for understanding, Master David.” 

The two beauties walked into the room and began to help David to wash up 

Although he did not like it, David still endured the discomfort and let the two beauties move him around. 

After everything was done, one of them pointed to a button on the wall of the room and said, “Master David, if you need anything, you can call us at any time. When you press that button, we will rush over as soon as possible. We will be the ones serving you throughout your stay here.” 

“Thank you,” David said politely 

“Master David, you don’t need to be so polite with us. This is our job. If there’s nothing else, then we will leave first.” 

“I’m fine now! You guys should get back to work.” 

After the two beauties left, David wanted to go out to see if he could spend some money first. 

After all, this was a large trade zone of the Central Sacred Continent. 

There were countless merchants buying and selling goods here. 

He had to wait a few days before leaving anyway. 

Therefore, he decided to spend as much as he could and accumulate lavish points. 

He still had not spent a penny of his one quadrillion Star Dollars! 

David was anxious as he looked at the money in the system. 

Everyone else was anxious because they had no money, but he was anxious because of the money 

The moment he walked out of the room, a person came to meet him. It was none other than Marlee 

“Marlee, where are you going?” David greeted Marlee first. 

Marlee walked up to David and said, “David, I’m here to see you and I want to talk to you about something.” 

“Do you need something from me?” 


“Then… Shall we talk here, or shall we go back to my room?” 

“Let’s go to your room!” 

“Okay, Marlee, come with me!” 

David returned to his room with Marlee. 

Marlee was the last one to enter the room. After that, she closed the door  David poured her a cup of tea. 

The two beauties brewed the tea just now. 

The two sat at the table. David did not speak nor urge Marlee. 

Marlee took a sip of tea, wondering how she should say what was on her mind. 

The reason why she came to find David was to ask him what his plan for the future was and if he needed anything from her  Marlee thought about this for a very long time last night. 

She knew if she wanted to live in the Central Sacred Continent and raise her daughter Peggy well, she could only count on David. 

Otherwise, if she only relied on her own strength, she would face problems staying here, not to mention she also had her daughter by her side. 

If David did not need her, then Marlee could only return to the Jung family with her daughter Peggy Although her daughter’s character might be affected in that environment, it was at least safe. 

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