I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 1628

Chapter 1628 

Then, he would set up a trading company 

This trading company was the key for him to break through Saint Realm. 

No matter how much money he spent, he would not spend as much as a trading company. 

David has thought a lot about this. 

The newly established trading company was a gold-swallowing beast that needed a steady stream of money for support. 

This was what he needed. 

David had plenty of money, but his strength was too low. 

Therefore, he could not set up a trading company now, and there was no place for him to spend money even if he wanted to. 

Judging from their interaction these days, Marlee could be regarded as someone who could be trusted, and David would let her run the trading company when the time came. 

It was just like asking Mia to buy the trading company in the Milky Way 

David’s principle of employing people had always been the same. 

Ability was not important. Instead, loyalty was key. 

“Marlee, since you’ve said that, no matter how unkind I am, I won’t drive you back. Don’t worry! Just stay here and don’t worry,” David thought for a while and said. 

“David, you don’t have to force yourself. If you don’t need me, then I will take Peggy back. I have brought such great benefits to the Jung family this time so I believe they will not treat us like before,” Marlee quickly explained. 

“It’s settled. Marlee, I’m leaving here in a few days to attend an auction in a super-large trade zone. You can stay here for the time being. During this period of time, you should study carefully how to set up and run a trading company. I will need this information soon.” 

‘Study how to set up and run a trading company?” 

Marlee’s eyes widened suddenly, and she asked in shock, “David, d-do you want to set up a trading company?” 

She never thought that David would have such an idea. 

Establishing a trading company in the Central Sacred Continent not only required the support of powerful forces, but also a lot of money 

This was not something one could do with a little money. 

Half of the trading volume of the Central Sacred Continent was controlled by five large trading 


Treasure Trove, where Marlee and David were now, was one of the top five trading companies. 

The remaining countless small trading companies would split the remaining 50% 

Although there was at least half of the pie left, one must know that the total number of small trading companies on the Central Sacred Continent was in the millions or even tens of millions 

The survival of these trading companies would not determine how strong they were. 

It was because the top five trading companies were not interested in the small trade zone they occupied 

The top five trading companies only had branches in medium trade zones. 

The 50% share was completely split between millions of small trading companies. 

On the Central Sacred Continent, many trading companies went bankrupt every day due to poor management. 

Marlee never expected David to want to set up a trading company. 

“Exactly! I am free anyway, so I want to set up a trading company for fun,” David replied casually 

“David, you have to think twice about this matter. Setting up a trading company is not that simple it requires a lot of money in the early stages,” Marlee persuaded. 

She knew that the forces behind David were not weak. 

However, he was still young. Where would he get so much money? 

“Marlee, don’t worry! I didn’t come up with this idea on a whim. Since I said it, I must have made all the preparations. When we come back from the auction this time, we will start from this large trade zone and set up a trading company. In the future, it will radiate throughout the entire Central Sacred Continent.” 

Looking at David’s firm gaze, Marlee knew that anything she said now would be futile, so she stopped persuading David. 

A direct descendant of a powerful force like David would never give up unless he encountered significant setbacks. 

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