I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 1654

Chapter 1654 

“Magus, money is nothing to me, it’s just a number, but it’s different for you. If I’m not wrong, your father Mosi should have been deceived and framed, leading to him mortgaging. the tavern as a last resort. I think he was too ashamed to come home after this. Maybe he has. been caught by debtors and is being abused. As his son, will you help him?” 

Magus was stumped by David’s few simple words. 

If his father was really being abused by creditors like Black Water, could he do nothing? 

If he wanted to save him, what should he do? 

Continue to mortgage the tavern? 

Not only was Magus stumped, but both Marigold and her mother were also stunned. 

Even if Mosi was a scoundrel, he was still their family and the father of the siblings. 

They could not just ignore him. 

Back then, Mosi also loved Magus and Marigold very much. 

However, he had went down the wrong path in recent years. 

David knew that what he said had an effect as he looked at the family of three. 

Thus, he took advantage of the victory and continued, “If you sell this jar of wine to me, you will get a lot of money. After you have this money, you can pay off Mosi’s debt and have him return to the family with peace of mind. In this way, your family can live together again just like before. Isn’t this what you have been pursuing?” 

Magus, who was originally planning to resolutely reject David, fell into a dilemma at that 


He was moved by David’s words. 

Although they had paid off the debts they owed to Black Water and they got the tavern back, who knew if Mosi still owed money to other parties? 

If so, how would they pay for it? 

Companies like Black Water that wandered in the gray area would genuinely resort to cruel methods if they did not pay up. 

Magus could not stand by and watch his father getting abused. 

When that happened, the Allen family would be in a desperate situation again. 

However, accepting David’s suggestion and taking his money would make Magus feel injustice. He had agreed to give the wine as a gift, but in the end, it became a business deal. “Magus, maybe you don’t care about money, but you have to admit that it is very important to you now, and the Exquisite Wine of Hundred Flowers and Fruits is also very important to me. We are not trading, but instead, we’re helping each other. We became friends after drinking just now, so we should support each other, don’t you think so? Unless you think that I, David Lidell, am not worthy of being your friend.” 

David’s last words completely reassured Magus. 

He was right. 

They did not know how Mosi was, and money was really very important to the Allen family right now. 

“Master David, thank you! It is my honor to have a friend like you,” Magus thanked him sincerely. 

Magus knew that David said so much to make him accept David’s money to ease his father’s troubles and relieve the family from worrying about the future. 

It was indeed an honor for the family to meet a big shot such who truly valued friendship and righteousness. 

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