I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 1655

Chapter 1655 

“That’s right! Magus, you should know that we’re not doing business, we’re just helping each other as friends!” David smiled. 

David was thrilled that Magus was able to think this through. 

This meant he could spend 3 trillion Star Dollars and get 30 thousand lavish points soon. 

Ever since breaking through to Eternal Realm in the Milky Way and reaching beginner Ruler Rank, David’s strength had not changed for a long time. 

This was because he had no place to spend his Star Dollars and could not get lavish points, which meant he was unable to improve his strength. 

Now, it was finally time to spend the money. 

He was also spending three trillion in one go. 

As soon as he got 30 thousand lavish points, David’s strength could immediately rise from beginner Ruler Rank to Sovereign Rank, directly skipping past Immortal Rank. 

This was a staggeringly big leap. 

If the outside world heard about it, they would certainly be shocked. 

Even those in Saint realm would be shocked because they had never heard of anyone who could cross two realms at once when they broke through. 

Was this even human? 

Even the legendary galaxy beasts were not so amazing. 

“Master David, I know you’re saying that to help our family. I sincerely thank you. I must have done something good in my previous life and have accumulated enough karma to have met such a benevolent friend,” Magus said with reddened 

Marigold and her mother also had tears in their eyes. 

They could all understand what David was doing. 


There were very few big shots who possessed David’s affection and righteousness. 

Which one of those powerful people cared about the lives of ordinary people? 

David was rendered speechless by what the family of three was doing. 

In reality, he cared more about whether he could spend 3 trillion to get those 30 thousand lavish points, which could then be used to improve his strength which had not changed for a long time. 

Otherwise, he would not have persuaded Magus and his family so earnestly. 

Of course, if the Allen family was in need, he would not hesitate to help. 

“Magus, you don’t have to do this. Since we are friends, let’s stop talking about this, okay? Give me the account number of your tavern and I will transfer the money to you. Then, you can go to your father tomorrow with the money and pay off all his debts so you can live a good life as a family.” 

“Thank you!” 

The thousands of words in Magus’s heart turned into a thank you in the end. 

David did not say how much money he would transfer to them, as he was afraid of scaring the Allen family if he told them. 

Furthermore, if Magus knew, he definitely would not accept. 

For the sake of his 30 thousand lavish points and Sovereign Rank strength, David decided not to tell them as he secretly transferred the money. 

By the time the Allen family found out, the money would have been transferred and the transaction would have been completed. Furthermore, he would also have gotten his lavish points. 

It would be too late for them to return the money then. 

After he took the Exquisite Wine of Hundred Flowers and Fruits from Magus and put it on the table, David asked Magus for the account number of the Allen Tavern. 

Then, David used the system to transfer three trillion Star Dollars. 

After the transaction, David glanced at the system panel. 

[Host: David Lidell 

[Balance: 9996999990000000 Star Dollars. 

[Body: Ruler level 1 (You may upgrade one level using 10 lavish points) 

[Mind: Infinity level 10 (You may upgrade using 100 lavish points). 

[Combat: Eternal Realm Beginner Ruler Rank 

[Combat Skills: Void Punch (Perfection), Air Crushing Slap (Perfection), Evil-Splitting Sword Technique (Perfection) 

[Skills: Ancient Traditional Medicine (Perfection) 

[Lavish Points: 30000] 

David was excited when he saw the number behind lavish points. 

Indeed, 30 thousand lavish points were in his account the moment the transaction was completed. 

David did not feel so nervous after he got the 30 thousand lavish points. 

He had achieved his goal. 

To prevent any accidents, David found an excuse and bade farewell to the Allen family. 

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