I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 1656

Chapter 1656 

Then, he took the Exquisite Wine of Hundred Flowers and Fruits and disappeared from the sight of the family of three. 

Marigold still stood in place until David completely disappeared as she stared in the direction. of David’s back, unwilling to leave. 

Magus patted his sister on the shoulder and said with a sigh, “Mari, stop looking. Master David is destined to be from a different world than us.” 

“I know, Mag. I’ll just pretend this was all a dream. Tomorrow I will try my best to forget. Master David,” Marigold replied. 

Of course, she also knew that it was impossible for her to have a relationship with David. 

However, David’s figure had left a deep imprint in her heart. 

It would not be so easy to forget him. 


Magus sighed again before he turned to enter the tavern. 

The mother of the siblings also shook her head and followed Magus inside. 

Marigold remained at the door for a while. 

After confirming that David was not coming back, she finally accepted the reality, turned around, and returned to the tavern. 

As soon as she returned to the house, Marigold saw her brother and mother sitting there in a daze. 

“Mag, what’s wrong?” Marigold asked. 

No one answered her. 

Marigold walked up to Magus, shaking her hand in front of his 

Magus remained unresponsive. 

“Mag, what’s wrong with you? Don’t scare me!” 


Marigold was quite frightened by his brother’s behavior. Hence, she grabbed his shoulders. with both hands and began to shake violently. 

Her movement finally snapped Magus back to reality. 

He quickly stopped Marigold from shaking him and comforted, “I’m fine, I’m fine, Mari, we’re okay.” 

“Mag, what’s the matter with you guys? Why didn’t you move just now? You scared me a lot.” Marigold patted her chest and asked. 

“We were just looking at the money Master David transferred to us, and we couldn’t recover for a while,” Magus replied. 

“The money transferred by Master David? Is it a lot?” 

“Yes, it’s a lot! More than we can imagine.” 

“How much?” 

“Three trillion!” Magus replied. 

“H-How much?” Marigold thought she had heard wrong. 

“Three trillion Star Dollars!” Magus confirmed again. 

He had recounted this number no less than ten times. 

At first, Magus also thought he was seeing things, but after counting it over and over again, he was sure he had counted correctly. 

What David transferred to them was indeed three trillion Star Dollars. 

Three trillion! 

How could Master David have so much money? 

Magus could not think of anyone who could casually spend so much money on the Central Sacred Continent, except for the top five trading companies. 

‘Is Master David an heir of the top five trading companies? 

‘Otherwise, how could he spend so much money so freely?” 

Marigold stared at her brother in shock. 

“Yes! Mari, you heard that right, it’s three trillion. Master David transferred us three trillion Star Dollars, which is enough to buy a large piece of land around us.” 

“H-How is it possible for him to have that much money?” Marigold stammered. 

“If I’m not mistaken, Master David is likely to be the heir of one of the top five trading companies.” 

“T-the heir of one of the top five trading companies?” 

Marigold finally realized how large the gap between David and her was. 

One of the top five trading companies! 

They were a mythical existence on the Central Sacred Continent! 

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