Married at First Sight Chapter 2118 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 2118 by desirenovelAs long as she went home, as long as Kevin was at her home, she would feel like being sold to Kevin by her parents.

“Let’s go.” Kevin reached out and took Hayden’s hand, and pulled her away.

Hayden shook off his hand reflexively, not letting him touch her, and warned him coldly: “Kevin, please respect yourself, don’t touch my hands, don’t think that my parents are facing you, and don’t dare to touch me.”

Kevin smiled and explained: “I’m not taking advantage of you, I just want to take you downstairs.”

“I have feet, and I can walk without you pulling them.” Hayden stuffed the bunch of flowers back into Kevin’s arms, and said coldly: “I said, I don’t like flowers, and I don’t like things that girls like.”

After finishing speaking, she passed Kevin and went downstairs.

Kevin followed her with a bouquet in his arms, and said as he walked, “Then what should I do? I have a difficult task, Hayden, for the sake of our close relationship, you have to do me a big favor, I’ve already boasted in front of your parents. If I can’t complete the task they gave me, my score with them will be greatly reduced. Originally, they gave me 100 points. If you don’t help me, they will only give me 50 points, which is unqualified. “

Hayden paused, and asked him vigorously, “What did my parents ask you to do?”

Kevin: “Both Uncle and Auntie are counting on me to bring you back to the right path, to restore your status as a woman, and then to marry and have children like normal people. Hayden, tell me, isn’t this task very difficult? I also don’t know the heights of the sky and the earth. I think this is easy to do, so I pat my chest and promise to complete the task. “

Hayden: “…”

She stared at Kevin for a while, and then asked him: “Did my parents say that you can’t complete the task, what should you do?”

“Uncle said that if I can’t get back on the right track and make you dress up as a man all the time, there is a high probability that my marriage with you will become a sensation in both cities. It has never existed before. Two big men are also wearing handsome suits, and go into the wedding hall.”

Hayden was so angry that she knew that she couldn’t expect her parents to give up this piece of brown candy.

She left Kevin again and walked downstairs to talk to this man, she was always half-dead from anger.

She was also very patient, and never did anything to him.

He should be beaten all over the ground looking for teeth.

Still on the stairs, Hayden heard Kathryn’s gentle voice. She looked and saw Kathryn sitting on the single sofa in the hall. Her parents and younger brothers were all there, talking with Kathryn.

The coffee table was full of presents, without asking, she knew it was from Kathryn.

Kathryn would come over, which surprised Hayden a bit.

She reminded Kathryn last time not to think of her, she couldn’t respond to Kathryn, but she did appreciate Kathryn.

Hearing the sound of footsteps, everyone looked up and saw Hayden and Kevin coming downstairs one after the other.

When Kathryn saw Kevin holding a bouquet of flowers and following behind Hayden, her eyes were a little teasing, but she quickly restrained herself.

Whether the third young master of the York family liked men or women was his freedom.

He was not the kind of person who could make jokes. Come to think of it, his sexual orientation was really different from ordinary people.

As long as the elders of the York family have no opinion, what opinions do they, the audience, have?

To Kathryn’s surprise, Kevin had chased after Queen’s house, pestering Young Master Queen in front of Donald and his wife, the parents were not angry at all?

Kathryn thought, if she liked the same sex like Kevin, and dared to chase after other people’s house to entangle her, her mother, the matriarch would definitely go crazy, and maybe she would give up her status as the heir.

Shiloh was eyeing her like a tiger, waiting for her, the real daughter of the Farrell family, to step down.

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