Married at First Sight Chapter 2119 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 2119 by desirenovelWhen Hayden came over, Kathryn stood up and said hello with a smile: “Mr. Queen.”

Hayden gave a rare smile. She asked Kathryn to sit down again, and asked with a smile, “Miss Farrell, When did you come here? You didn’t call me before you came, so I can pick you up at the gate.”

Kathryn’s pretty face flushed slightly, she looked a little embarrassed, and said: “I don’t go to work on weekends, and I’m bored at home, and I don’t have any friends, so Mr. Queen treats me better, so I boldly came to find you and chat.”

She wouldn’t miss Hayden any more, but Hayden was indeed gentle towards her, Hayden was cold towards other young women, but he was gentle to her.

Hayden was still smiling at her.

Kathryn thought this man looked very good-looking when he smiled.

She seldom smiled at ordinary times.

Presumably it was because of the large number of admirers.

Hayden was always cold, with the look of rejecting others thousands of miles away. She had so many admirers, and everyone wanted to melt her and become the unique existence in her heart.

If Hayden always smiled like a spring breeze and was even more charming, there would probably be more women fascinated by his suit pants.

Although Kathryn said that she had only recognized her ancestors for about a year and didn’t know Hayden very well, she was very clear about one thing.

Hayden had never been promiscuous, never in debt, no matter how many admirers there were, Hayden never accepted their pursuit, and always refused.

She didn’t give hope to anyone.

Kathryn sometimes thought, what was the criteria for choosing a mate for such an outstanding man?

Until Kevin publicly confessed his love for Hayden, publicly pursued Hayden, and created all kinds of courtship scenes that could cause a sensation among the onlookers. Although Hayden did not respond, he did not let people drive Kevin away.

This was a bit weird.

Was Hayden really gay?

Kathryn felt very sorry.

Hayden: “In the future, Miss Farrell, when you’re bored, you can come to me. I am usually at home on weekends and rarely go out.”

Kathryn looked at Kevin, Kevin sat down next to Hugh as if nothing had happened, conveniently put the bouquet of flowers on the coffee table, touched Hugh, Hugh looked at him, but he didn’t speak.

“Mr. Queen, will I disturb you and Mr. York?”

“I can.”

The person who answered was Kevin. He looked at Kathryn with a half-smile, “Miss Farrell, you know about my pursuit of Mr. Queen. If you come every weekend, not only will you disturb Mr. Queen and me, It’s a third person between us, or a super bright light bulb.”

Hayden had black lines on her face.

Kathryn smiled: “I also think it’s inappropriate for me to come here all the time, but I don’t accept that Mr. York said that I am a third party. The third Young Master York pursued Mr. Queen, and those in Wiltspoon and Jensburg, Everybody knows. But Mr. York didn’t catch up with Mr. Queen, didn’t he? Before you guys made your relationship public, Mr. Queen was single, and he was a person with no owner, so I am the third party between you and Mr. Queen, this hat is too heavy for me to wear.”

“Miss Farrell is right. I said something wrong. I apologize to Miss Farrell.” Kevin immediately apologized and did not argue with Kathryn. After Kathryn looked at him twice, she turned her gaze away.

Every time she met Kevin, Kevin would look at her a few more times, sometimes staring at her intently, and treated her very well.

At first, Kathryn couldn’t figure out Kevin’s thoughts.

It was impossible to say that Kevin was interested in her, Kevin looked at her without any emotion, but he looked at Hayden with tenderness, that was the expression of emotion.

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