Mr. Kane Got Blacklisted Chapter 999 [Eleven Jewell]

Mr. Kane Got Blacklisted Chapter 999 [Eleven Jewell]

Stella flipped it open and saw lan White’s information.

lan White…

No, it should be Phil Corden.

This person had a very similar background to Hylda.

They were both from a small town and came to Rivera with nothing when they were just teenagers.He worked as a waiter, a nude model, a helper ina barbershop, and a car mechanic…He had worked in almost every position that was available to the lower-class laborers.

The two positions that he worked the longest were as a model and a waiter at Sapphire Clubhouse.His parents had passed away a long time ago, and his family, including his two older brothers, had not seen him for a very long time.

A lot of people believed that he died in an accident, and even his identification documents were destroyed.

That was the exact reason why Hylda could seamlessly fake him as lan White.He was a person without an identity, and nobody would suspect anything if he were to replace another person who was abducted and went missing a long time ago.He had known Hylda for ten years, but Hylda was a careful person.

That was why they could not get a lot of information about him.

However, it was proven that Hylda paid for Phil’s tuition fees at the art academy.

Most importantly, Phil had plastic surgery, and he looked completely different now compared to how he used to.

Stella looked at the photos of him before he had the plastic surgery, and her eyes widened.

“He…looks so much like Hugo!”

Keegan was not surprised at all as he already had this suspicion before looking him up.He only conducted the investigation on Phil to further solidify his assumption.

Then, he asked, “What are you planning to do about it?’ Stella recollected herself as she closed the file.

“The show will be better when the baby is older.In three months…or maybe lesser, Hylda will be more worried than us.”

Hylda had already used her pawn, Phil, to pave the way for her son by making him marry Irene.

Stella figured that Hylda would not want another child at that time because she would not have the energy to take care of him, and it would risk jeopardizing her plan too.

From the information Stella read about Phil, she realized that he was very deeply in love with Hylda.

Hylda was very smart.

She did not deny that Phil was just a pawn to her to help her in achieving her goals.

With both of her children in a favorable position, she knew that she would be able to live her life comfortably and luxuriously without having to worry about anything in the world.She was already planning to sort out her relationship with Phil as Irene was not just a pushover that she could take advantage of.

The stakes were extremely high in what she was doing, and she could potentially lose everything she had to reach her goal.

Stella had never met anyone like Hylda in her whole life.

Hylda would do just about anything to climb the social ladder.

She did not only desire a man, but she also wanted to be wealthy and earn herself a reputation in Rivera.She wanted to turn her life around which most people could only dream of doing.

Stella was impressed by how ambitious she was, but she detested her unscrupulous means.

Her mother, Rainee, had always yearned for the Jewell family to make a name for themselves in the upper circle of Rivera.

However, she prioritized the well-being of her children, the safety of her husband, and the harmony of her family.She thought that if she could achieve that, all of her problems would be resolved by money alone.

Rainee was also once met with cold glances too when she tried to fit in that circle, but her worth as a person surpassed all those women who could only live under their husband’s shadow by miles.

Stella’s intention for revenge became even stronger when she thought about how Albert hurt her mother for a woman like Hylda.

The car arrived at Clouditude International very soon later.

Stella asked Keegan when she was getting out of the car, * Are you going straight to the office?”

Keegan nodded.

Stella said, “You haven’t changed your clothes yet.”

Keegan paused and said, “It’s fine.”

“Your colleagues are going to gossip about you.”

“They wouldn’t dare,” Keegan said.

Stella looked at Aldor, and he immediately said, “They wouldn’t dare to do it in front of you, but they’ll do it privately.Keegan was speechless.

Stella tried to hold her laughter back, as she softly said, “I have some men’s clothes at my place.Do you want to get changed?”

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