My Baby’s Daddy Novel Anastasia chapter 1626

Chapter 1626 Telling the News

That amused Julian. “I thought you were a thief.”

“I didn’t mean it. My friend was arguing with your fans and she shoved me by accident, so I grabbed onto you. Your bodyguards scared me, so I yanked the necklace off,” she explained sheepishly.

Julian sat down and rested his chin on his hand. He thought she was cute when she explained things. As the older sister, Queenie was calm and collected, while as the younger sister, Jessie was adorable.

“It’s alright. I don’t blame you.” He even poured some tea for her, much to her surprise.

Jessie stood up.

Just then, someone opened the door. Before Jessie could tell what was going on, someone dashed toward her and gave her a big hug. “You’re my sister, Jessie. You’re my sister!” It was Queenie. She was crying tears of joy.

Jessie’s eyes went wide with surprise. She couldn’t believe Queenie was her actual sister. “Y-You’re actually my sister?” She held Queenie’s shoulder and gave the crying Queenie a tissue.

“Yes, I’m your sister. Dad and Mom have been waiting for you to come home.” Queenie was sobbing. Words couldn’t describe how she felt. Back when her fake sister came back, she did feel happy, but it wasn’t like how she felt now. She truly felt connected to Jessie.

Jessie started crying as well. She muttered under her breath, “I finally found my family.”

The gentlemen were moved by the reunion as well, and they exchanged a look. This was one of the best things that could happen to someone.

“We’ve been searching for you. For twenty years.” Queenie found it hard to calm down. Tears were still streaming down her cheeks.

Nigel quickly helped her sit down and wiped her tears with some tissue, but Queenie was wiping off Jessie’s tears instead. “We’ll go home in a couple of days. You can see Dad and Mom.”

“Okay.” Jessie nodded through sobs. She yearned for family and familial love. Now that she knew she wasn’t abandoned, she felt a surge of warmth in her heart to know her family had always been looking for her.

Julian rested his chin on his hand. His gaze was fixed on Jessie’s face for a long time.

Queenie finally calmed down a little. Everyone must be hungry. She smiled. “Let’s eat. Don’t starve yourself.”

Before she made any order, Queenie would ask Jessie if she liked it. She wanted to know if Jessie was allergic to anything, but fortunately, Jessie was no picky eater, nor was she allergic to anything. She never came to restaurants as expensive as this one before.

“I’m fine with anything, Queenie.” Jessie was starting to get reliant on Queenie. She was her sister. Her family.

The gentlemen said nothing and let the ladies do whatever they wanted. As Nigel watched Queenie taking care of Jessie, he thought, She will be a wonderful mother. And he was relieved as well. Now that Jessie was found, Queenie would no longer have to worry about the search. We can finally hold the wedding.

A sense of achievement welled within Julian’s heart. He found Queenie’s long-lost sister. I should have seen her last night, but it was dark, and I got annoyed because I thought she was a fan. Good thing she tore my necklace off. Thanks to that, we met again this morning.

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