My Baby’s Daddy Novel Anastasia chapter 1627

Chapter 1627 New Position

If she hadn’t done that, he would have missed her. Even though they were in the same industry, he might never see her again. She was a stuntwoman who could never show her face on camera. Even if Queenie could find her, it would take a while. For some reason, he thought fate guided him to this meeting. Of all nights he could lose his necklace, it had to be the night she showed up, and she even took it with her, which led to this meeting.

“Are you still working, Jessie? I’d like you to meet Dad and Mom as soon as possible,” Queenie asked.

Well, I crossed Mabel. I can’t be her stuntwoman anymore, so I’ll quit tomorrow. I don’t care about the money. I want to see my family. “I’ll quit my job tomorrow and go home with you,” Jessie answered.

Julian arched his eyebrow. “You don’t have to work as a stuntwoman anymore. If you like this industry, you can work with me. I’ll show you the ropes,” he said languidly.

There was excitement and gratitude in Jessie’s eyes. She nodded. “I love acting.”

Even though she had been nothing but a stuntwoman for years, she still had a passion for acting. Every time she showed up, she put her heart and soul into it. Even though all the viewers could see was her back, she would still give it her all.

She would have joined the industry if not for the dark side of it. Thanks to her skills, she managed to stay around. A lot of directors loved to hire her due to her industrious attitude and cheap rates.

“We’re counting on you, Julian. Take care of her.” Nigel patted his friend’s shoulder. He was entrusting Jessie to him.

Julian nodded. “Of course.”

“Thank you, Julian. I’d love for her to be a big star.” Queenie smiled. We’ll give her the best of what we have.

Jessie blushed. She pursed her lips and answered humbly, “That’s a big dream. I’d already be happy with being able to act.”

“And you’ll get all the roles you want if you work with him. He’s the darling of the industry.” Nigel laughed.

Queenie froze for a moment. Julian was a mysterious man, and nobody knew what he did before he debuted. Now that she had the chance, Queenie asked, “So what’s his family business?”

“Stardom Corporation’s boss is his brother.”

The ladies exchanged a look of surprise. None of them expected Julian to be a part of Stardom Corporation. That was the top multinational entertainment company in the nation and one of the best entertainment companies around.

Julian smiled humbly. “My brother’s the reason Stardom got so far. I’m just an employee working for him.”

Wow. An award-winning actor calling himself an employee. “Can you get Jessie a spot in Stardom? We’d love for her to be a part of your company,” Queenie said.

Julian answered without hesitation, “Sure. She can work in Stardom.”

Jessie was still a little bemused. Whoa. I was just a stuntwoman a while ago, and now I’m a part of Stardom. Every celebrity would kill to get a spot in that place.

“Don’t worry, Jessie. You have our full support,” Queenie added. Yep. She’s my sister. I can give her everything, even if it means I have nothing. I never felt the same way with that fake.

Jessie teared up. She was moved, and it felt good to be spoiled. She nodded. “I’ll do my best.” Her phone rang, and she looked at it. “It’s the director. I need to take this call.”

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