My Baby’s Daddy Novel Anastasia chapter 1628

Chapter 1628 I Quit

Jessie left the room to take the call. As expected, her director hissed, “Mabel told me you’re too good for us now. If you want to leave, leave.”

“Sorry, sir. I can’t keep going on now, yeah.”

“Oh, someone got herself a new boss. Bigger and better, I assume?” the director remarked sarcastically.

“I’m sorry.”

“If you leave halfway through, I won’t pay you.”

“I know. I won’t be coming tomorrow, then.” She hung up and heaved a sigh of relief. From now on, I don’t have to bow down to anyone. From now on, I can confidently say no to the things I don’t want to do.

That night, Jessie checked out of the hotel and packed her stuff. Lexie was reluctant to see her go, and Jessie gave her a few gifts before she said goodbye. We can still keep in touch.

She returned to the hotel and stayed in the same room as Queenie. The ladies sat on the sofa and started chatting. Queenie wanted to know how Jessie grew up. After Jessie went missing, she was taken to an orphanage. Fortunately, it was run by a kind director. She watched over her like a mother. After she graduated high school, Jessie started working to repay her debt of gratitude.

“Madam Yancy is nice to me. Aside from the poverty and lack of college education, I grew up happily.” She smiled.

But Queenie felt a strong sense of guilt. Her heart went out to her sister. Unlike her, Jessie never had the love and wealth the Silversteins showered on Queenie. Instead of chasing her dreams, Jessie was forced to drop out of school and work. Queenie held her sister in her embrace.

Jessie leaned on her chest. She consoled, “Don’t feel sad for me, Queenie. My life was never really hard.”

There were tears in Jessie’s eyes as well, but there was also determination. The environment she grew up in sculpted her into a tough person.

“From now on, anything you want, I’ll help you with it,” Queenie promised.

“I don’t need anything. I just want to stay with you, Dad, and Mom. And I wanna take care of the orphanage and have a job that I like. That’s enough for me,” Jessie said. She was not a greedy person. That was all she wanted.

Queenie had told their parents to come home as soon as possible, and their reply finally came back. Since she said it was urgent, Brandon told her they would be flying home that night. “Dad and Mom’s coming home. I didn’t tell them about you in case they got too excited. But I’d like to take you home and surprise them.”

“Of course.” Jessie nodded.

The sisters chatted until two in the morning. They would have kept going, but they had a flight to board the next day and health was a concern.

Jessie was lying on the soft bed, still awake. She sat up and stared at the moon outside. It had been a long time since she lost sleep. Everything that happened today felt like a dream.

They had breakfast early the next morning. Nigel’s plane was already waiting for them, and Julian would like to return to Averna for a while. He only came to this town for a little break, but now he wanted to be with his friends.

They got to the airport and boarded the flight. The ladies chatted happily at first, but their lack of sleep caught up with them and they slowly dozed off.

Queenie leaned on Nigel’s shoulder and fell asleep a while later, while Jessie was resting her head on the armrest of the sofa. The air stewardess came by and covered them with some blankets.

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