My Baby’s Daddy Novel Anastasia chapter 1629

Chapter 1629 Nigel Has a Thought

Julian was sitting beside Jessie. Though he was reading a book, he couldn’t help but notice the beautiful face that was just within his range of sight.

Wisps of black hair were scattered across her gentle, attractive features. Julian’s heart stirred a little. He was too distracted to read.

In the end, he put his book down and glanced at Nigel, who was taking a nap with Queenie nestled in his arms. Nigel clearly didn’t sleep well last night.

It was as if Julian was the only one who had a good night’s rest.

Just then, the plane hit a bout of turbulence and Jessie was startled awake. In her fright, her hands scrambled to grab onto something and ended up grabbing onto Julian’s arm. Jessie had never gone on a plane ride before. She was noticeably pale with anxiety.

“Relax. Everything’s fine. It’s just a bit of turbulence.” Julian patted Jessie on the shoulder.

However, Jessie couldn’t overcome her fear just yet. She squeezed her eyes shut and started gasping a little.

Julian raised the armrest between them and asked Jessie, “Are you still afraid?”

Jessie nodded. She was paralyzed with fear right now and couldn’t calm down despite knowing that nothing was going to happen to the plane.

Julian reached out and held her shoulders. “Hold me.”

Jessie froze in shock, but the turbulence started getting stronger. Terrified, she wrapped her arms around him shyly and closed her eyes as she buried her head against his chest. The scent of him that she took in with every breath seemed to chip away at her fear.

While Julian was busy comforting Jessie, Nigel opened his eyes and saw the two of them in an embrace. All of a sudden, a thought struck him.

Now that I think about it, it’d be great if Julian and I end up being brothers-in-law.

The four of them would become family.

Nigel’s lips curved into a small smile. Looks like I’ll have to try my hand at playing matchmaker.

At last, the turbulence stopped and Jessie scuttled away from Julian feeling slightly embarrassed. She pulled the armrest back down before muttering, “Thank you.”

Julian had felt a pang when the warmth in his arms disappeared. He shook his head and said, “It’s nothing.”

Soon, they landed at the airport. Queenie received a call from Brandon asking where she was the moment she stepped out of the plane. Brandon and Maggie had arrived home.

“Dad, you and Mom must stay in the house and not go anywhere, okay? I’ll be right there,” Queenie said.

“Where on earth are you? What’s the important matter that you mentioned?” Brandon asked a little anxiously.

“Don’t ask me now, Dad. You’ll find out once I get home.” Queenie evaded the question before reminding them yet again, “Remember not to go out!”

Nigel’s men rushed them over to Silverstein Residence at once. Jessie had grown up in Averna as well, but she used to live in an orphanage on the poorer side of town. In fact, she didn’t know how she ended up at the orphanage.

The car swept past the bustling city center and business district. Silverstein Residence was situated in the luxurious neighborhood in this area.

Julian had gone home, so it was only the other three who were heading to Silverstein Residence.

Meanwhile, Brandon and Maggie had just gotten off a long flight and were resting at home. Although Maggie was glad to be home, her mood soured when she recalled how Nina had pretended to be her daughter.

Bonnie was the name the Silverstein couple had given their youngest daughter, but now that the imposter had used that name, it stung the couple even harder.

“Let’s not use the name Bonnie anymore if our youngest daughter comes back in the future,” Maggie said.

Brandon nodded in agreement, but he wondered, When will our youngest daughter come home?

“I don’t know if I’ll even live to see her.” Maggie choked up. “How many more years do we have? Ten? Twenty? What if we never get to see her again? I won’t be able to die in peace!”

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