My Baby’s Daddy Novel Anastasia chapter 1792

Chapter 1792 The Housekeeper’s Room

When Ellen walked in through the door, her eyes were swollen from crying. She knew that her grandmother would pass away soon, and the pain in her heart was so intense that she nearly passed out from the distress.

Jessica had refused any form of treatment because she wanted to leave all her money to Ellen. For that reason, she passed away peacefully during the early hours of that very day.

As Jessica’s elder sister, Lilac came over with her son to help with the funeral procedures. Connor hung around too. On the other hand, Ellen was too young and could not understand anything. Nevertheless, her tears did not stop flowing down her face. She could not accept the reality before her.

“Grandma! Grandma!” When Jessica was carried into the hearse, she wept sadly as she kneeled on the ground. Her sorrow was immense.

Connor brought Ellen to the crematorium in his car. It didn’t take long before the urn containing Jessica’s ashes was placed in front of Ellen. She hugged the urn to her chest, and Connor bought a burial plot for Jessica on her behalf. The urn was buried three days later.

Jessica had asked Connor to bring Ellen home with him, worried that Ellen would be depressed and scared to be all alone at such a young age. After all, there was nobody to take care of Ellen once she was gone.

Therefore, Connor brought Ellen home to retrieve her clothes before taking her back to his house. While he was driving on the road, he worried about his wife’s opinion regarding this sudden turn of events.

He quickly took the opportunity to contact Olivia when he stopped to buy a pack of cigarettes.

“What!? She’s going to stay at our house for a few days!? No way!”

“Olivia, Aunt Jessica just passed away. Ellie is just a child. She is scared and all alone. I promise that I will do whatever you want next time. Please just let Ellie stay for a few days!”

When Olivia heard his promise, she grudgingly agreed. “Fine! But only three days!”

Connor stopped for dinner with Ellen along the way. By the time they arrived home, it was already 10.00PM. Olivia had been waiting by the door and remained courteous to Ellen for Connor’s sake.

“Hey! You’re here, Ellie! Come inside quickly!” she greeted them warmly.

Ellen’s eyes were red and swollen from crying. Nevertheless, she greeted Olivia politely. “Aunt Olivia.”

“Alright, it’s very late. I’ve prepared a room for you. Come with me.” After saying that, Olivia led Ellen to the housekeeper’s room.

Connor couldn’t help glancing sideways at Olivia when he saw the room. So that’s why Olivia sent the housekeeper away. She wanted to vacate the housekeeper’s small room for Ellen.

It had to be said that their house was a two-story duplex. Aside from the master bedroom, there were six other guest rooms available. However, Olivia was not willing to let Ellen stay in any of the guest rooms.

Be that as it may, Ellen was highly grateful for the treatment she received. In fact, she couldn’t help feeling uncomfortable and awkward just standing in the bright and luxurious hall in her casual clothes at this moment.

“Thank you, Aunt Olivia,” she said gratefully.

“No need for such reservations. It’s late. There’s a bathroom inside the room. You should go straight to bed after a shower!” Olivia suggested warmly.

“Okay.” Ellen nodded obediently. For her, this small room was already more luxurious than any other room she had ever been to before.

As soon as Olivia closed the door, Connor grabbed her by the arm and dragged her into the other smaller living room. Then, he angrily questioned her, “There are so many guest rooms in the house. Why must you let Ellie stay in the housekeeper’s room!?”

“You’re asking me why? Didn’t you see how dirty her clothes were? Besides, I never agreed to bring her home in the first place. You’re the one who stubbornly insisted on bringing her home!” Olivia snapped furiously. She seemed even more upset than him.

At this moment, Connor had no intention of arguing with her. He was worried that Ellen would no longer want to live in this house if she overheard their argument.

“Where is Lena?” he asked.

“Lena is out with her friends!”

“Ask her to come home immediately. How can a girl stay out so late? That’s highly improper!” He directed all his resentment and frustrations upon the fact that his daughter was staying out late.

Her expression immediately darkened at those words. “What did you mean by that, Connor Aguirre? What’s wrong with our daughter having fun with her own circle of friends?”

However, he could not be bothered to argue with her. The last two days had exhausted him.

On the other hand, Ellen gingerly sat on the bed inside the small room. She could tell this room belonged to the housekeeper, but she was not bothered by it.

Not long afterward, Selena returned home. She was changing her shoes at the doorway when Olivia came and whispered something in her ear. “Ellen has come to live in our home.”

“What!? Ellen!?” She wondered whether she had misheard her mother! Although she knew that her Great Aunt Jessica had passed away, was Ellen really going to stay at their home from now on?

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