My Baby’s Daddy Novel Anastasia chapter 1794

Chapter 1794 Guilt and Presents

Ellen’s tears welled up in her eyes again in her disappointment, and the tough demeanor she maintained fell apart in an instant. No matter how unfairly life treated her, she could always face it with a smile. Nevertheless, she felt absolutely powerless and weak at this moment.

That evening, Connor offered to take Ellen and Olivia out for dinner after he came back from his appointment. They went to an upscale steakhouse near their residence. Having lived in the area for more than ten years, they had gotten into the habit of eating at such places. Olivia couldn’t resist using this opportunity to show off.

“Ellie, here. Try this. I’m sure you’ve never tasted these before.” Olivia handed Ellen a plate of desserts. Ellen quickly thanked her aunt. “Thank you, Aunt Olivia.” “It’s nothing! We often eat these, so we’ve gotten tired of eating them,” Olivia added.

Connor immediately glanced sideways at her, warning her not to boast to Ellen. After all, it was all thanks to Ellen’s brother that they could enjoy their current lifestyle.

He could not bear to watch how she enjoyed the blessings that Ellen’s brother gave them while expressing disparaging remarks about Ellen.

Olivia looked away, upset at being rebuked. As Ellen was a sensitive person by nature, she immediately lowered her head and ate quietly without saying anything else.

After dinner, Connor brought Ellen to the nearby shopping mall and bought some clothes for her. Although Ellen kept refusing his goodwill, he stubbornly insisted on buying the clothes for her. His little shopping spree immediately racked up a bill of more than a thousand dollars.

Olivia fumed at the sight and thought to herself, In order to prevent Connor from buying clothes for her again, I’m going to give my daughter’s old clothes to her tonight!

By the time they reached home, it was already 9.30PM. Ellen stayed inside the housekeeper’s room and did not come out again. On the other hand, Olivia rummaged through the wardrobe on the second floor and packed up all the old clothes that Selena no longer wore. Connor walked into the wardrobe and asked, “What are you doing?”

“Packing up Lena’s old clothes for Ellen.”

“We can just buy new clothes for her. Why are you giving her old clothes?”

“Lena no longer likes wearing these clothes, but they aren’t old. If you sold any of them, these used items would still fetch a price of several hundred!” she responded indignantly.

Nevertheless, he did not feel comfortable with her actions and asked her to stop. “Stop it. No matter how good the condition of the clothes may be, they are still clothes that Lena has worn. I’m sure Ellie will feel unhappy about getting these old clothes.”

“Why would she be unhappy? These clothes are better than the rags she’s wearing at the moment! I don’t know if it’s because her clothes were shedding, but I found a lot of lint on my clothes when I was putting the laundry away today!” she immediately complained.

He snapped at her in frustration. “That child is so pitiful. Can’t you just bear with her for the time being?”

“Connor, I’m being serious with you! You’d better not let Ellen stay here for too long. Don’t you dare blame me if I accidentally tell her about how her brother donated his heart! I’m a talkative person by nature after all. It’s not like you don’t know that.”

“How could you say that?” He couldn’t help panicking slightly.

She snorted and sneered. “We could just tell her the truth! The money is in our hands anyway. What is there to be afraid of? Do you think a little girl like her can do anything to us?”

“You must never tell anybody about this matter, or we will drown in the criticisms of the public.”

“Fine, I’ll keep my mouth shut. In return, you’d better make the girl leave as soon as possible. Just looking at her makes me uneasy. It feels like she is going to steal everything away from us at any time.” After warning her husband, she continued to pack up the clothes.

It didn’t take long for her to go downstairs with a big bag of clothes in her hand. She carried the bag to Ellen’s room and said, “Ellie, I’m sorry for troubling you. These are Selena’s old clothes. She’s too picky and refuses to wear them again after a few times. These clothes are all in good condition, so I’m giving them to you. I hope you don’t mind.”

Ellen was stunned. She never imagined that her aunt would give her so many clothes. Regardless of the reason, she felt grateful for the kind gesture. “Thank you, Aunt Olivia. These clothes are of great quality!”

“That’s what I think too! Lena loves buying clothes. In fact, she spends so much money without even batting an eyelid. Look at these clothes, each piece costs at least several hundred!” Olivia even boasted.

“Thank you, Aunt Olivia.” Ellen expressed her gratitude once more before Olivia finally left.

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