My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 1002

Chapter 1002 Filled With Respect

Xander’s voice sounded after some time.

“Why didn’t you go in Dr. Graham’s car?”

He was a little surprised by Rosalie’s reaction just now.

The question took Rosalie by surprise, and she answered slowly.

“I work a lot with Dr. Graham, so I want to avoid any personal relationship as much as possible to prevent it from affecting our job.”

Xander was in a puzzle. “Don’t I work with you a lot too?”

Rosalie was startled again and only spoke after a few seconds, “It’s different. Our cooperation with Lancer Corporation is only for the short term. Moreover, the two of US don’t have many interactions regarding work.”

Strictly speaking, they both mainly met because of business-related issues.

Lancer Corporation was more like an investor than a partner in this project.

Xander nodded, understanding his position in Rosalie’s heart.

There was another silence in the car.

After a while, Xander looked at her suddenly as if he recalled something.

Rosalie’s puzzled gaze met his.

“By the way, the Lancer family will conduct another free clinic session in a couple of days. I wonder if you’re interested in joining, Miss Jacobs?”

Free clinic…

Rosalie could not help herself from recalling the kids she saw in the orphanage last time.

She would love to participate if she could help those children.

However, Rosalie hesitated a little at the thought of her having to finish the project.

Rosalie felt a wave of guilt rising in her because she had hesitated.

Xander seemed to have seen through her thought and spoke again.

“This time, we’ll send doctors to orphanages and homes for the elderly. Grandpa asked me to reveal some of the Lancer family’s medical skills to you if I had the chance because you’ve shown your ability in the medical field last time.”

Then, Xander looked at Rosalie meaningfully. “I think you joined the event in the past because of this, right, Miss Jacobs?”

As a holistic medicine practitioner, no one could reject learning the medical skills of the Lancer family.

Xander’s offer did attract Rosalie’s interest.

It made Rosalie change her mind, and she met Xander’s gaze honestly.” Yes. So, please do inform me of the time, date, and venue of the free clinic, Young Master Xander.”

Xander knew Rosalie would not refuse that.

He just smiled and nodded upon her answer.

For the rest of the journey, they talked about the free clinic.

Xander occasionally mentioned Rosalie’s weaknesses and casually gave her feedback.

Rosalie listened to him with interest.

Rosalie’s eyes were still shining with admiration and filled with respect until the car gradually pulled over.

Before this, she always thought Xander’s medical skills might be almost at the same level as hers.

However, Rosalie realized Xander’s medical skills were way above hers. After all, he was the heir of the Lancer family.

Xander had grasped all the Lancer family’s medical skills.

“Here we are.”

Xander was amused to see that Rosalie had been listening to him in fascination and reminded her.

Rosalie snapped out of her admiration and thanked Xander with a smile.” Thank you for the guidance, Young Master Xander.”

Xander smiled, “just said that from the Lancer family’s medical point of view. You’re Professor Luke’s student, and our medical paths are different. We have the same amount of knowledge in medicine. It’s just that what I’ve learned happens to be the Lancer family’s medical skills, and they could fill in your weak points.”

Rosalie looked at Xander seriously and said, “I have to thank you no matter what.”

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