My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 1003

Chapter 1003 Always Mention Daddy

Xander accepted Rosalie’s appreciation of his invitation.

Rosalie said nothing more and said goodbye before getting out of the car.

When she opened the car door, she unexpectedly saw Lisa and the two little ones.


The little ones had just returned from kindergarten and were excited to see their mommy.

Then, they saw that Rosalie did not come back in her car.

If they were not mistaken…

It was the car Xander drove that morning.

When the little ones were guessing, Xander popped his head out from behind Rosalie and smiled at them. “Have you guys just come back from school?”

The little ones nodded slowly and seemed a little unhappy.

Mommy said she was going with Xander to work, yet Xander drove her back home again.

They felt the two adults had an ambiguous relationship no matter how they looked at it.

An alarm rang in the minds of the two little ones.

They decided to keep an eye on their mommy on behalf of their daddy before they got back together.

Seeing the little ones’ disappointed faces, Rosalie knew what they were thinking and felt helpless.

“I’ll take them into the house. Young Master Xander, please let me know when you reach home.”

She looked back at Xander and spoke.

Xander agreed and left after starting his car engine.

Noticing Xander’s car driving out of her sight, Rosalie looked at the little ones and explained, “My car seems to still be in bad condition. It couldn’t start, so Uncle Xander drove me back.”

She had no idea what the little ones would imagine if she did not explain.

The little ones were not satisfied with her explanation. “Did you work together all day today, Mommy?”

Rosalie nodded. ‘Yes, Uncle Yves was also with US.”

The two little ones knew Yves and felt he was another love rival their daddy had to defeat.

They were alarmed again upon hearing Rosalie’s answer.

Rosalie felt helpless when she saw those expressions again on her little boys’ faces.

She thought she had explained herself well enough and had distanced herself from Xander.

However, the little ones looked even stranger than before.

“We saw Mr. Byron today!” Nox changed the topic suddenly.

Hearing Byron’s name, Rosalie froze.

She remembered what Yves had said at lunch. 1

It also reminded her of the scene of Byron standing with Wendy.

The little ones did not know what their mother was thinking. They wanted to help their daddy by mentioning him.

“Mr. Byron still seemed unwell today.”

Nox lifted his head and looked at his Mommy pitifully. “Mommy, why don’t you treat Mr. Byron? Estie is worried sick about him.”

Rosalie snapped out of her daze and forced a smile as she said, “I’m very busy.”

The little ones did not want to give up just yet.

However, Rosalie spoke before they could persuade her more, “Moreover, Mr. Byron has only caught a cold. He’ll recover in a week. Tell Estie not to worry.”

With that, Rosalie stroked the little ones’ hair and walked upstairs.

Her mind was troubled enough, and she did not want to hear more of Byron from them.

The two little ones looked at each other as their mommy walked up the stairs.

They were unsure if it was their imagination.

They were trying to mention Daddy as much as they could.

However, their mommy’s reaction was not exactly what they expected.

“Lucian, did I say something wrong again…” Nox was a little discouraged.

Lucian patted his brother on the shoulder, comforting him. “No. We should always mention Daddy to Mommy.”

The little one felt relieved hearing that from his brother.

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