My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 1004

Chapter 1004 No Wonder Kids Like You

That night, Rosalie received a message from Xander before going to bed.

It was about the time and venue of the next free clinic.

It would be held two days later at an orphanage in the city.

Rosalie replied with a simple answer and got to bed.

However, Yves’ words lingered in her mind, disturbing her sleep.

She barely dozed off after a long while.

For the next two days, the little ones kept appearing before her.

To be precise, they kept mentioning Byron to her.

Rosalie had no idea why the little ones were so persistent about Byron and did not know how to face it.

After pondering for a while, she threw herself into the preparation for the next free clinic.

Seeing her busy working, the little ones finally gave up.

Two days later, Xander’s car pulled over in front of Rosalie’s villa early in the morning.

Rosalie was about to head out and grab a taxi. However, when she left the house, she was shocked to see Xander’s car at her gate.

‘Your car might not be ready so soon, so I thought I’d give you a lift.”

Xander smiled at her calmly.

Suppressing her doubts after hearing Xander’s explanation, she got into the car.

She brought a lot of things with her.

Learning her lesson from last time, she prepared many gifts for the children in the orphanage this time.

Xander’s expression changed a little upon seeing her bags of things. “Miss Jacobs, you’re so considerate. No wonder the children in the orphanage like you so much.”

Rosalie’s gaze turned gentle. “Maybe because I spend more time with kids.”

She could not bear to see the children suffering in the orphanage.

Rosalie wanted to help them improve their lives as much as she could.

Xander did not give any comment. Instead, he said, “The children will be grateful for your presence this time.”

Rosalie smiled.

Then, the two of them headed to the orphanage.

Lucian and Nox popped their head out at the villa’s door as they watched their mommy leave with Xander.

Rosalie had told them that she and Xander would be curing some children this time.

However, the little ones still felt a little threatened.

Daddy and Mommy had not seen each other recently.

Xander, on the other hand, often came looking for their mommy.

Even though Mommy said it was just a professional relationship, the little ones felt uneasy.

However, they could do nothing if their mommy wanted to stay away from their daddy.

The two little ones looked at each other, and their little faces turned gloomy.

The orphanage was only an hour’s drive from Rosalie’s house.

When Rosalie and Xander arrived, the free clinic site was already ready, prepared by the Lancer family’s staff.

Rosalie did not need to line up to enter like the last time.

This time, when they got out of the car, they were led into the orphanage and went directly to the director’s office.

‘Young Master Xander, Dr. Jacobs.”

The orphanage director greeted them eagerly.

Rosalie was surprised that the director knew her name.

Looking at Xander, she realized he must have told the director about her.

After a polite conversation with the director, Rosalie and Xander went to the free clinic.

The process was similar. Once Rosalie and Xander got into the tent, the little ones lined up.

However, perhaps because Xander wanted to teach her some of the

Lancer family’s medical skills, only Rosalie and Xander were in that tent this time.

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