My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 1005

Chapter 1005 Use This Acupoint Instead

Rosalie had expected them to be busy and unable to cope.

However, the children seemed to cooperate with them. It made her wonder if it was because of the small gifts she had brought.

Everything proceeded in good order.

Perhaps because this was an urban area, the condition of this orphanage was much better than the one in the suburbs last time.

Apart from a few congenital disabilities, these children had no severe problems.

Seeing fewer children in the line, Rosalie gradually relaxed.

When the last child walked into the tent, Rosalie took a stuffed bunny doll from the gift bag and gave it to him.

The little one looked surprised. He lifted his head and thanked Rosalie politely, ‘Thank you, Ma’am!”

Then, he carefully took the bunny doll from Rosalie.

Rosalie smiled and touched the little one’s head. However, she noticed that the little one’s face seemed pale.

Her relaxed emotions gradually turned into worry. She looked at the little one with concern and asked, “Do you feel any discomfort usually?”

The little boy frowned, thought about it carefully, and hesitated when he said, “Sometimes I feel some discomfort in my heart.”

Rosalie frowned upon hearing the answer and questioned further, “How is the discomfort specifically?”

The little one pondered for a long time before answering again,” Sometimes, my heart will jump fast, but it’ll be fine in a while.”

That was a classic case of arrhythmia.

Rosalie and Xander looked at each other, and she said to the little one,” Okay. Good boy. Lie on the bed and I’ll check your body.”

The little one cuddled the bunny doll and obediently climbed onto the bed.

Rosalie felt the little one’s pulse.

Meanwhile, Xander activated the machine they had been keeping aside.

Soon, they confirmed their diagnosis.

The little one was suffering from severe arrhythmia.

Maybe it was because the little one was lucky enough that nothing had happened to him.

They were glad that they had come in time to cure him.

Without waiting for Xander’s instruction, Rosalie took out the acupuncture needles. Then, she comforted the little one. “It might hurt a little. You have to try to bear with it, okay?”

The little one did not know what Rosalie was going to do. Looking at the silver acupuncture needle, which was so long, it was inevitable that he would be a little afraid.

However, seeing the little bunny doll in his arms, he somehow gained more courage and nodded obediently.

Rosalie touched the little one’s head and began her acupuncture treatment.

Acupuncture could effectively relieve the symptoms of arrhythmia, which she had known for a long time.

Just as she was about to put in the last needle, Xander’s voice suddenly sounded behind her.

“Use this acupoint instead.”

Rosalie’s hand paused, and she looked at the acupoint Xander pointed in a puzzle.

Xander smiled. ‘The Lancer family has researched this illness. The acupoint you’re using is to treat common arrhythmia. However, according to our research, changing the last acupoint to this acupoint will cure the illness better.”

Rosalie was surprised to know that new knowledge.

The acupuncture point that Xander pointed to was rarely used in acupuncture treatments, and she was not sure what effect it would bring.

As Xander claimed, it might improve the little one’s health.

However, it might also worsen the little one’s condition…

From the hospital bed, the little boy looked at them with clear eyes, utterly unaware of the subject of their conversation.

However, he trusted them enough not to ask them anything.

Rosalie lifted her head and looked at Xander.

Xander looked confident.

After a while, Rosalie made a decision and pricked the last needle on the acupoint Xander had suggested.

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