My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 1007

Chapter 1007 A Little Uneasy

“Where’s Rosalie?”

Byron’s voice sounded again after a long time.

Xander chuckled and hummed for a while before answering Byron, “Miss Jacobs is busy. Do you want to say anything to Miss Jacobs, President Lawrence? I can pass the message to her.”

Byron’s face turned gloomy when he heard that answer.

Rosalie was with Xander again.

Moreover, she had even given Xander something personal, like her phone.

Thinking about the purpose of the call, Byron was even more displeased.

Luther was standing opposite Byron. His heart sank when he saw his boss’ expression turning gloomier.

He had no idea who answered the call and spoiled Byron’s mood, making him mad.

“No need.”

Byron’s voice was cold. “Since Rosalie is busy, I’ll call again later and talk to her.”

Xander lifted his eyebrow meaningfully. “I think you’ve misunderstood my words, President Lawrence. Miss Jacobs and I are working outside. If you don’t believe me, I’ll ask her to answer the call.”

Then, Xander ordered the staff member near him. “Go and get Dr. Jacobs…”

However, the man on the other end of the call interrupted him.

“Of course, I believe you and Rosalie have much cooperation at work.”

Byron’s words sounded like he was threatening Xander. “However, I hope you know your limits, Young Master Xander. Stay away from Rosalie, except when you’re working. Otherwise, I don’t mind teaching you how it’s done.”

Then, Byron hung up the call before Xander could say more.

Xander was amused as he watched the phone screen gradually turn dark.

He had just deceived Byron a little with his words, yet Byron had lost his composure and threatened him.

It seemed Rosalie and Byron’s relationship was closer than he had guessed.

At least it was to Byron.

Thinking of their relationship, Xander glanced outside the tent meaningfully at the direction where Rosalie’s voice came from.

He wondered what position Byron occupied in Rosalie’s heart.

‘Young Master Xander, do you want me to call Dr. Jacobs?” the staff member asked cautiously.

Xander snapped out of his thoughts and placed Rosalie’s phone back where it had been. Then, he shook his head. “No need.”

He was not planning to call Rosalie.

The staff member responded and returned to his original position.

At the same time, Rosalie walked out of the group of children and smiled as she walked back into the tent.

“Someone called you, and I answered it for you.”

Seeing her walking into the tent, Xander frankly told her what had happened.

Rosalie froze. “Who called?”

Xander frowned and pretended to be puzzled. “President Lawrence called. However, he said nothing when I asked him why he called.”

‘A call from Byron?’

Rosalie’s forehead creased.

‘Why did he call me again?

‘Isn’t he… dating Wendy now?

‘Did his conscience finally prick him and he wants to apologize to me now?’

Rosalie felt uneasy as she speculated about all the possibilities.

Up until now, Byron had been displeased with her contact with Xander.

This time, Xander answered the call. She wondered if…

When Rosalie realized what she was thinking, she quickly clenched her hands into fists and tried to snap out of her thoughts.

‘No! Byron is just making use of me. The displeasure he showed before was only him putting on an act.’

Rosalie calmed herself down and nodded at Xander. “Alright.”

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