My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 1010

Chapter 1010 That’s All

Rosalie was unaware Xander had investigated everything in her past six years.

Hearing her denial, Xander picked his eyebrows meaningfully and looked at Luther.

Luther was displeased by that answer.

Byron had helped Rosalie even when he was ill, yet she showed no gratitude.

Moreover, she even tried to keep her relationship with Byron a secret as though it was a shame for her to let others know about it.

Although Luther had those thoughts in mind, he could not show them before Xander.

“These herbs are hard to find. Master has gathered almost all the herbs from Heronial Corporation’s branches.”

Rosalie was moved, but she calmed herself down quickly.

“I appreciate President Lawrence’s help, but…”

She felt Byron was only doing this to make it upto her for making use of her.

Rosalie did not want to accept the medicines.

Moreover, Xander had provided them with enough.

She had hardly finished her refusal when Xander spoke.

“Since President Lawrence is willing to help, why don’t you accept his kindness, Miss Jacobs?”

Then, Xander looked at Rosalie seriously. “Our research isn’t simple, so it would be better if we have more herbs to spare.”

Moreover, they were free, and it would be foolish to reject them.

Rosalie hesitated again.

Luther could no longer take it. His boss had helped Rosalie when he was ill and thought so much for her, yet Rosalie planned to reject his kindness.

Just as he was about to say something, Rosalie finally nodded.

“I would like to thank President Lawrence for his kindness.”

Rosalie nodded at Luther gratefully.

Luther had no idea why he felt more discomfort than happiness.

He wondered if Rosalie accepted Byron’s offer because she wanted the medicines or because of Xander’s advice.

At the thought of Rosalie accepting Byron’s kindness because of another man, Luther felt annoyed.

Rosalie did not think much about it and checked the medicines. Then, she asked someone to carry them in.

“If there’s nothing else, I’ll go back first. Grandpa is still waiting for me to report about the free clinic.”

Xander waited for Rosalie to check on the medicines and excused himself.

Rosalie watched as Xander drove away.

Then, Luther’s voice sounded in her ear. “Miss Jacobs.”

Rosalie turned around in a puzzle.

Luther seemed cautious on the outside, but he was anxious deep inside.” I’m just asking… You and Young Master Xander…”

Rosalie knew what he wanted to ask without needing him to finish his sentence.

“We’re just business partners or maybe friends. Please don’t misunderstand our relationship.”

Luther did not believe it, though. However, he was relieved and started to mention Byron.

‘To tell you the truth, Master asked me to gather these herbs when he was ill, and he recovered today. So, he ordered me to send them here.”

Many emotions were stirring in Rosalie, yet she remained calm and nodded. “Please convey my gratitude to President Lawrence.”

Luther was dumbfounded.

‘That’s all?’

Byron cared about Rosalie so much, yet he only got a word of gratitude in return.

Rosalie seemed to know what was on Luther’s mind and added, ‘Think of it as our research institute owes President Lawrence a favor. We’ll do our best if he needs our help.”

Even if it was a promise, Rosalie had only agreed to do her best.

Luther’s heart sank, and he began to feel sorry for Byron.

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