My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 1013

Chapter 1013 What’s Wrong With Daddy And Auntie?

In the research institute, Luther helped Rosalie carry those medicine boxes while he kept mentioning nice things about Byron.

Unfortunately, Rosalie remained unmoved.

Luther could do nothing more.

After moving the medicines, he excused himself and left.

On the way back to Lawrence Corporation, Luther felt it was unfair to Byron.

Luther’s face still looked gloomy when he returned to Byron’s office to report to him.

“Why do you look so sullen?”

Byron frowned and thought Rosalie rejected his kindness.

Luther snapped out of his thought and grinned guiltily. “It’s nothing…”

Byron did not ask further when he realized Luther did not seem like he wanted to share what was wrong. “Have you delivered the medicines?”

Luther suppressed his displeasure and answered, “I’ve delivered them, and Miss Jacobs has checked them personally.”

Then, he thought Byron would ask him about Rosalie after he mentioned her.

Unexpectedly, Byron seemed to ignore that and nodded expressionlessly.” Okay. You can leave.”

‘That’s it?*

Luther was startled in disbelief.

However, Byron said nothing.

Luther could only leave disappointedly.

On the way out of the office, he hesitated when thinking if he should let Byron know that Xander had driven Rosalie back.

However, knowing what Byron’s expression would be like after learning about it made Luther feel goosebumps all over him. He decided to give up that thought.

Byron did not mention Rosalie anymore until after work that evening.

It was as if that batch of medicines had ended their relationship.

Luther stayed in the assistant’s office next door. Noticing it was time to clock out, Luther had mixed feelings rising in him when he saw Byron walking out of his office and heading to the elevator.

He wondered if his boss did not care about Rosalie anymore.

Byron knew nothing about Luther’s thoughts.

However, his thoughts were somewhat similar to Luther’s.

Ever since he fell sick, Rosalie’s reaction had disappointed him.

He thought he had done enough to cover what he had lost six years earlier. He had also been trying to coax her.

However, Rosalie remained unmoved.

Byron felt he had to stop for a while to think about what was missing between Rosalie and him.

Soon, Byron’s car pulled over at the kindergarten.

The little ones were still in school.

It was rare to see Byron waiting outside the kindergarten gate before school ended.

After a long time, the little ones walked out under Miss Leigh Ann’s guidance.

The little ones saw Byron’s tall figure at once.


Estelle, who should have been excited to see her daddy picking her up early, seemed sad.

She had not seen Rosalie for a long time.

According to Lucian and Nox, Rosalie refused to show up at their house.

She wondered what had gone wrong between her daddy and Rosalie.

Little did she realize that the situation was even worse than she had imagined.

Seeing the little ones approaching him, Byron held his hand at Estelle.”

Let’s go back home.”

Estelle looked at Byron, startled.

“Nanny Lisa isn’t here yet.”

In the past, Byron and Estelle would accompany Lucian and Nox until Lisa picked them up.

Lucian and Nox did not understand what their daddy meant.

The last time Daddy left with Estelle early was because he was sick. However, Daddy had recovered from his cold.

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