My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 1014

Chapter 1014 Because Of The Mean Lady

Byron glanced at the little boys calmly.

The little ones noticed something strange in their daddy’s gaze.

Daddy looked at them a little differently.

It even seemed to the little ones that Daddy did not want to look at them any longer. He had only glanced at them.

“Mr. Byron?” Nox called out.

Byron only nodded and said, “Miss Leigh Ann will accompany you.”

Then, he held out his hand again at Estelle.

The little boys were reluctant to part with him, but they could see he was angry.

After a moment of hesitation, the little girl reached out her little hand and took hold of Byron’s hand.

The two little ones could only remain silent and watched longingly as their daddy and sister left.

“Brother, is Daddy angry with Mommy?” Nox looked at Lucian as he pouted his lips.

There was no expression on Lucian’s face, but he seemed lost.

It was the only thing he could think of.

After all, Daddy had always been there when Mommy was ill.

However, Mommy did not even bother to show concern when Daddy was ill.

Daddy must be a little disappointed…

Meanwhile, Byron took Estelle to the car.

Byron glanced at the little boys at the kindergarten gate before slowly driving away.

After driving some distance away, Estelle could not help herself from asking, “Daddy, are you mad at Auntie?”

Byron frowned and did not answer.

He could guess what the little one would say.

However, he was not in the mood to listen.

Estelle did not know what was on her daddy’s mind and spoke in her cute voice, “Auntie didn’t refuse to visit you on purpose. She must be busy.

That’s why…”

The little girl was sad because she had not seen Rosalie for some time, yet she chose to comfort her daddy.

After all, Rosalie was already avoiding them. It would take longer for Rosalie and Byron to get back together if Byron was mad at Rosalie.

The little girl was looking forward to having Rosalie as her mommy!

Byron was not surprised to hear Estelle’s words.

Byron could have comforted Estelle by agreeing to what she said.

However, Byron frowned, and his voice was a little cold. “We’ll talk about it another day.”

He was avoiding that topic.

Estelle puffed her cheeks. Although she was reluctant to let go of this matter, she still obediently said nothing and pondered as she looked at Byron.

‘Daddy must be angry with Auntie, and he must be furious this time.

‘Well… What can I do to get Dady and Auntie back together?’

The little one was troubled.

Before she could think of something, Byron had already pulled over his car at Lawrence Manor.

Byron got out of the car and carried Estelle.

They were about to walk into the villa. However, the villa door opened from

the inside, and Wendy walked out.

Byron’s face turned gloomy when he saw that woman.

The little one was shocked, and she crumpled her face in displeasure.

She wondered if that mean lady had something to do with Daddy getting mad at Auntie.

“Byron, Estie, you’re back.”

Wendy greeted them with a smile as though she had not noticed the changes on their faces.

Mrs. Zora followed behind her helplessly.

Wendy made a surprise visit that afternoon, saying she was there to check Byron’s condition.

Mrs. Zora could not drive her away. She could only let Wendy wait in the house for Byron to return.

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