My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 1016

Chapter 1016 The Fracture Is Worth It

“I’m sorry, I just… I was thinking about other things, and I accidentally stumbled.”

Wendy pretended to be apologetic after Mrs. Zora assisted her to the sofa in the living room.

Byron stood still behind the two and did not respond after he heard this.

Wendy’s heart sank, and she added sheepishly. “Must have been just a tiny sprain. I’ll massage it, then go look for Auntie to tell her about your situation.”

She smiled at Byron as if trying to ease his worries. She thought this remark would be able to win his sympathy.

Perhaps he would let her stay tonight.

Unexpectedly, Byron just nodded flatly. Then, he suddenly squatted in front of her.

Wendy could not react for a while.

After a while, a piercing pain came from her ankle, and Wendy’s face suddenly changed.

“Does it hurt?” Byron grabbed her injured ankle with one hand and asked.

Wendy gritted her teeth and nodded.

Byron let go. “This should be a bone injury.”

Wendy’s eyes brightened at the man’s words. She tested the waters. Is it that serious? Then can I…” ‘Stay at the manor tonight?’

Before she had time to say the following words, Byron interrupted her.

“Let Dr. Miller come over and check again.” Byron looked away from her and instructed Mrs. Zora.

Mrs. Zora responded and contacted the family doctor immediately.

Wendy wanted to try her luck again, but Byron spoke again.

“If it’s serious, you may need to go to the hospital. You sit here and wait for Dr. Miller to come and have a look.”

His words sounded caring enough.

However, Wendy knew in her heart that he was just doing his duty as a host. Otherwise, his tone would not be so cold.

If she had not fallen and injured herself at his door, Byron would not even care.

Realizing this, Wendy could not help but remember that when Rosalie was ill, Byron stayed with her all night.

With this comparison, Wendy only felt resentment in her heart. The expression on her face became a lot uglier.

Byron had already sat down on the single-seater sofa next to her and was looking through emails on his mobile phone.

It was a gesture of ultimately handing the matter of her injury to the family doctor.

Wendy became more jealous of the man’s indifference, but she also knew that this was not a good time for her to speak.

After nearly half an hour, Dr. Miller finally arrived.

“Mrs. Zora, what’s the matter? Who did you say was injured on the phone just now?”

Mrs. Zora quickly greeted the doctor and pointed to Wendy on the sofa. ’ Miss Fuller fell on the steps just now. Hurry up and take a look.”

Dr. Miller had been the Lawrence family’s doctor for many years, and he knew Wendy.

Hearing that she was injured, he hurried forward with the medicine box to check.

Wendy groaned in pain.

Dr. Miller retracted his hand and said solemnly, “I’m afraid it’s a bone fracture. There’s nothing much I can do.”

Hearing this, Wendy’s eyes flashed with surprise.

‘Bone fracture…’

She just wanted to be a damsel in distress as an excuse to stay at Lawrence Manor.

She did not expect to fall so badly.

‘However, come to think of it, I did dislocate my arm last time. The bone fracture is worth it if I can get the desired result.’

Wendy raised her eyes to look at Byron when she thought of this.

“Byron, my leg… It may not be easy for me to move around. Can I trouble you tonight? Let me stay at the manor, okay?”

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