My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 1017

Chapter 1017 Pulled Little Tricks

Upstairs, Estie waited for quite a while. It was only when she was very hungry did she open the door and walk out.

As soon as she got downstairs, she heard that Mean Auntie wanted to stay with them.

In an instant, alarm bells rang in the little girl’s heart, and she ran to her father’s side as quickly as her little legs could carry her.

‘Daddy and Auntie Rosalie haven’t reconciled yet. If she knows that Mean Auntie is staying at our home, she’ll be even angrier!’

Moreover, the little girl feared that Daddy would make Mean Auntie her mommy.

The little one stared at her father with her big watery eyes, and her thoughts were self-evident.

Byron met the little girl’s eyes, stroked her head comfortingly, and turned to look up at Wendy in front of him.

Wendy’s heart skipped a beat. She knew that Byron’s answer might not be what she wanted.

“With your current situation, it’s best to go to the hospital in time to deal with it. If it gets worse, I won’t be able to explain it to my mother.”

Byron’s tone was completely indifferent.

After he spoke, the man stood up from the sofa.

Estie immediately grabbed her daddy’s trouser leg and followed him closely.

Wendy looked at the two figures and glanced at the little creature beside Byron. A flash of viciousness flashed across her eyes. 4

‘It’s that little b*tch again!’

After a while, Wendy quickly looked away and turned to look at Byron.” Byron, can you accompany me to the hospital? I’m a little scared…” Byron looked sideways at her, and there was a hint of irony in his eyes.

He turned around and simply nodded.

After all, this person fell and got injured at his home. With all due reason, Byron should send her to see a doctor.

“Daddy!” Estie anxiously tugged on her daddy’s trouser legs, her little face was full of reluctance.

Before, when Daddy sent Pretty Auntie to the hospital, he stayed with her all night in the hospital.

The little girl feared that Daddy would spend the whole night with Mean Auntie this time.

Byron took a glance at the little girl beside him, then nodded to Wendy. ’ Wait a moment.”

After speaking, he turned around and went upstairs with Estie.

As soon as he went upstairs, the little girl immediately puffed up her cheeks. “Daddy, don’t go to the hospital with her!”

Even though he knew what the little girl was thinking, Byron pulled his lips amusedly. “Why?”

Estie looked pitiful as she approached her father, and her tone softened.

“I know that you’re still angry with Auntie, but you promised me that if you were going to find a mommy for me, you’d get my consent first.”

The little girl’s tone was aggrieved.

Hearing this, Byron raised his eyebrows in surprise.

He thought that this little girl was going to mention that woman to him again, but he did not expect the little one to use another reason.

‘I have to say that the little one’s reason is just right today.’

Byron’s hand landed firmly on the little girl’s head, and he rubbed her soft hair as he said slowly, “I’ll just send Auntie Wendy to the hospital and be back right after.”

Estie was still in disbelief as she stared at her daddy helplessly.

Byron did not explain much either.

After a long while, the little girl finally compromised and said in a childlike voice, ’Then you have to come back early. Otherwise, I’ll be scared at night.

Hearing this, Byron’s brows twisted imperceptibly.

‘This little girl… I don’t know if she learned from that woman, but she can even pull these little tricks now.’

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