My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 1019

Chapter 1019 Plate Is Full

At that moment, the couple’s faces became ugly.

They knew that Byron planned to cancel the engagement, but they did not expect that he would be so indifferent to their daughter.

On the phone, Byron had already explained that Wendy might have a broken bone.

‘The injury is so serious, yet he doesn’t even want to help her.

‘If this was photographed and spread, wouldn’t their engagement be just empty talk?

The couple’s thoughts went back and forth, and in the end, they compromised.

“Wendy, what happened? How did you get hurt so badly?”

The couple seemed to not have noticed Byron’s indifferent attitude. They directed their attention to their daughter with concern on their faces. They naturally took over the doctor’s duty.

Wendy’s inner emotions suddenly magnified at the sight of her parents. She frowned and said nothing.

On the side, Dr. Miller hurriedly stepped forward to smooth things over.’ Miss Fuller accidentally tripped on some steps and hurt her ankle, but it’s not serious. She just needs to put on a plaster cast and rest for a few days.”

Hearing this, Magdalene’s expression suddenly changed. “Isn’t it serious if there are bone injuries? Then…”

Her tone was a bit harsh, and Wendy quickly winked at her mother.

Magdalene realized what she had said, so she could only forcefully suppress her anger.

They went into the hospital to the orthopedic department and took an X- ray to confirm Wendy’s injury.

They watched on the side as Wendy put on the cast.

Byron glanced at the time, frowned, and said, “Uncle and Auntie, since you’re already here, I won’t stay any longer.”

After speaking, he nodded to the elderly couple and then turned to Dr. Miller. “During this time, you’ll be responsible for following up on Miss Fuller’s injury. Try to help Miss Fuller recover as soon as possible.”

Dr. Miller agreed without hesitation.


Seeing that Byron was about to turn around and leave, Magdalene looked at her daughter, then at Byron’s back. She quickly called out to stop him.

Byron’s footsteps paused, and he looked back. “Yes, is there anything else?’

Magdalene asked him with a light smile. “Look, Wendy’s injury is so serious. Your uncle and I will be busy with our own affairs these days. I’m afraid we might not be able to handle it. How about-” ‘Letting Wendy stay with you for two days?’

Before she could say the following words, Byron interrupted indifferently, ’ If necessary, I can send someone to take care of her.”

Magdalene choked up suddenly and turned to look at her husband, Henry, with an ugly expression.

Henry naturally knew what his wife was planning, so he immediately covered it up. “My wife and I don’t mean that. Besides, we’re worried about letting outsiders take care of her.”

Their words were clear, they hoped that Wendy could stay in Lawrence Manor.

Even the great Byron Lawrence would still have to pay his elders some respect.

Henry was quite confident that he had the deal in the bag.

Unexpectedly, Byron rejected him lightly.

‘In that case, I can also send her to my mother.”

For a while, the three Fullers were speechless.

Byron still gave the two elders a dignified exit and turned around to give them a reason.

i’ll also be very busy during this time. On top of that, I have to take care of Estie. So, my plate is also full now.”

Magdalene and her husband knew that their reason would not work, so they could only grin and bear it.

Magdalene smiled shyly. “Let’s not bother Mrs. Lawrence. I’ll take care of Wendy at home for these two days.”

Byron nodded noncommittally, bade goodbye to the two, turned, and left.

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