My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 1029

Chapter 1029 Estie Transfer Schools

Estie’s tears never stopped back at the Lawrence Manor.

“Daddy, don’t transfer schools…”

The little girl pitifully tugged at the hem of her Daddy’s clothes; her little face was full of tears.

Mrs. Zora was shocked when she saw the two enter the door. “Master, what’s happened?”

Estie cried and looked at Mrs. Zora, hoping she could help her. “Grandma Zora, Estie don’t want to transfer school…”

‘Transfer school?’

Mrs. Zora was confused.

If she remembered correctly, the kindergarten that the little lady currently attends was invested in by the Lawrence Corporation.

‘Why the need to transfer?’

‘Moreover, the little lady’s condition is not suitable for transferring schools.’

Out of concern for Estie, Mrs. Zora asked cautiously. “Master, what happened? Why did you suddenly want to transfer Little Lady to another school? She has finally become familiar with the environment. If she transfers rashly, I’m afraid….. “

Byron frowned deeply and looked at the little girl in his arms.

Estie’s eyes and nose were red from crying, her little face was deep in despair.

Byron could not bear it.

However, he thought about this little girl’s dependence on Rosalie.

‘If that woman had really given up on me, there’s no possibility of her being the little girl’s mother.’

‘Instead of keeping Estie’s hopes up all the time and eventually being disappointed in the end, it’s better to just cut off the connection between her and that little woman!’

Thinking of this, Byron became ruthless again.

“Lawrence Corporation has recently invested in a better kindergarten. The classes are all children from affluent families in Coast City. There is no harm in letting Estie get in touch with them.”

He fabricated a reason out of thin air.

Hearing this, Mrs. Zora frowned slightly, with some hesitation in her eyes, but she did not say anything more.

This time, Estie bellowed uncontrollably. “NO! I don’t want to! I don’t want to get in touch with anyone! I just want Lucian and Nox!”

Byron deeply frowned, “If you don’t want to get in touch, you can study at home.”

With that, he handed her over to Mrs. Zora. “Take Estie upstairs.”

Mrs. Zora saw that Estie was inconsolable and tried her best to reason with Byron. “Master, if Estie truly doesn’t like it, why don’t you reconsider?”

Byron did not budge.

Mrs. Zora knew she could not persuade him, so she took Estie and carried her back to her room.

The little girl already knew that she could not defeat her daddy, and her cries gradually became quieter.

Mrs. Zora’s heart became gradually heavier over the little girl’s sobs.

In the past, when the little lady had an emotional meltdown, she would be like this, even her cries were quiet…

Downstairs, Byron watched Mrs. Zora take the little one away, and felt a dull pain in his temple.

The little girl’s condition was not stable yet. Rosalie and those two boys have had a deep influence on her.

Byron already knew how the little girl might react by cutting off contact swiftly like this.

However, he had to.

Thinking of this, Byron sat down on the sofa with a headache, took out his mobile phone, and dialed the number of the kindergarten principal.

“What? You want to transfer Estie to another school?”

The principal panicked upon hearing Byron’s words. “President Lawrence, is there a problem with our kindergarten? Please tell US, and I will fix it immediately!”

Byron’s tone was flat. “The reasons are personal, nothing to do with the kindergarten. The Lawrence Corporation’s investment in your kindergarten will not be affected.”

The principal was relieved and agreed to handle Estie’s transfer procedures.

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