My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 1032

Chapter 1032 Forced To stay Apart

They had told her that Estelle had suddenly taken half a day off at noon when they returned the day before.

Rosalie did not think much about it. She thought it was because Byron had something urgent to deal with.

However, a day passed, and it turned out that the little girl was transferring schools.

Rosalie embraced herself and asked the two little ones, “Did Estie cry?” Before, when Lucian and Nox got expelled from school, the little girl cried. She must be sad now, knowing she would be transferred to another school. Nox shook her head, “We didn’t see Estie. The teacher told US.”

They did not know if Estie had cried.

After hearing their mother’s question, the little ones realized their little sister must be just as sad as they were.

They were both so sad. Estelle must be crying a lot.

Realizing this, the little ones looked up and anxiously tugged at Rosalie’s clothes.

“Mommy, let’s go and visit Estie! She must be sad now!”

Rosalie had always wanted to visit the little girl.

However, when she thought of going to Lawrence Manor, she could not help thinking of the last scene she had seen.

Byron and Wendy had stood at the manor’s gate under the moonlight, laughing and talking.

That was why Byron suddenly transferred Estelle to another school.

Wendy never liked Estelle having a close relationship with her and her sons. Since Byron had decided to marry Wendy, he had to care about Wendy’s feelings.

However, poor Estie…

She wondered if the little one had accepted Wendy.

Lisa suddenly sighed.

Rosalie snapped out of her thought and looked at Lisa in a puzzle.

Lisa just shook her head and went into the kitchen.

Lisa had seen Rosalie and the little ones getting along with Estelle.

The little girl loved them, yet they were forced to stay apart.

She was too old to watch such a sad situation.

Rosalie withdrew her gaze and looked at the two little ones beside her.

The little ones’ eyes were redder than when they entered the houseas if they were going to cry anytime now.

Over the years, Rosalie had rarely seen her little ones cry.

However, this time…

She could feel they were miserable.

“Mommy!” Nox was so anxious that he tugged at the hem of his mommy’s dress. “Let’s go quickly!”

Rosalie could only cruelly pry open the grip of the little on her dress and calmly convinced them. “Mr. Byron must have transferred Estelle to another school for a reason.”

However, the little ones did not buy it. “Estelle will miss us!”

Rosalie smiled helplessly. ‘That’s true, but you’ll be separated one day.

Estie can’t be with US forever.”

Byron must have considered that and transferred Estelle to another kindergarten before it was too late.

Rosalie felt better when she thought of that. “Even if Estie didn’t transfer, I would have to take you abroad after finishing my work here.”

The little ones were a little puzzled.

‘Go abroad?’ They thought Mommy had given up on that plan…

Rosalie knew what the little ones were thinking and touched their heads soothingly.

“It’s my fault too. I should have separated you guys when I told Estie I was taking you abroad.”

The little ones could not understand.

They had no idea why they had to be separated from Little Estie.

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