My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 1033

Chapter 1033 Impossible To Be Happy

“Why can’t we be with Estie all the time?”

Nox could not control his curiosity and doubt.

If only Daddy and Mommy could get back together, they would not have to split up!

Hearing such a straightforward question, Rosalie was a little flustered.” Because…”

The little ones stared at her eagerly, waiting for her answer.

After a while, Rosalie told them a cruel reason. “Mr. Byron will get married, and Estie will have a new family. She’ll be close to her new mommy.”

The little ones pouted their lips unhappily when they heard Rosalie’s answer.

Their mommy did not know they knew who their daddy was.

Hence, they could not understand why their daddy could not marry their mommy.

Rosalie had no idea what the little ones were thinking and explained.

“Mr. Byron must have considered all these. Maybe he wants to give Estie a better education environment. After all, Estie deserves a better education with her family background.”

As she spoke, Rosalie diverted her eyes off the little ones’ faces, afraid to make eye contact with them.

Lucian frowned and spoke stubbornly in his hoarse yet cute voice, “We can transfer to the same school as Estie if she’s transferring for that reason!”

Rosalie’s forehead puckered. Before she could speak, the little one said again.

“Nox can find out which kindergarten Estie has transferred to, and my money is probably enough to pay for both our fees.”

The two little ones were talented. Rosalie was not an expert in those things they knew, so she never interfered in their hobbies.

Rosalie knew about Nox’s hacking skills because he had done it countless times before her. She knew he could check which kindergarten Estelle was in.

However, she had yet to learn how much money Lucian had earned from investing in stocks over the years.

Nox had the technology, while Lucian had the money.

The little ones did not need her support in their plans at all.

Rosalie did not know how she was supposed to reject that request. She could only say, ‘What if I don’t agree?”

Lucian sulked, and he asked earnestly, “Why wouldn’t you agree, Mommy? Aren’t you worried about Estie?”

Rosalie was speechless.

After a while, she came up with an excuse.

“It was Mr. Byron who decided to transfer schools for her. Since he didn’t tell you, he doesn’t want you to go there. What if you go there and Mr.

Byron transfers Estie to another kindergarten again? Are you going to follow her all the time?”

The little ones hung their heads in dismay at this possibility.

They wanted to tell Mommy that they already knew who their daddy was.

However, Mommy had been keeping this a secret from Daddy and would not let them tell him how old they were. They were sure she did not want him to know.

If they told their mommy about it, they feared their mommy would flee out of fear.

That way, they would be less likely to meet Estie.

With this in mind, the little ones said nothing about what they knew.

Rosalie thought the little ones had compromised. She felt terrible for doing this to them and stroked their hair. “Good boys. Estie will be fine in her new kindergarten. I’m sure she’ll like it.”

Before the little ones could respond, tears shimmered in Rosalie’s eyes.

She knew it was impossible for the little girl to be happy in a new environment, especially with her character.

However, she could only lie to comfort her sons…

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