My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 1034

Chapter 1034 Be On Good Terms With Mommy

The little ones knew that if Estelle did go to her new school, she would not be happy.

However, seeing Rosalie was about to cry, the little ones decided to stop the conversation.

“Okay, Mommy.”

Rosalie forced a smile. “Come on. Let’s have dinner and sleep early.”

The little ones agreed obediently.

Everyone was absent-minded at the dining table during dinner.

After filling their tummy, they went back to their rooms.

Rosalie lay in bed looking at the conch Estelle gave her with complicated feelings.

Yesterday, she was still listening to Lucian and Nox talking about playing with Estelle.

However, now Byron was transferring Estelle to a new kindergarten.

She did not even have to think about it to imagine how much the little girl would cry when she knew about this.

However, she was in no position to comfort the little one.

She did not even dare to ask.

Rosalie felt heartbroken at the thought of Estelle’s face drenched with tears.

Lucian and Nox lay on the same bed in the little ones’ room.

“Don’t cry, and don’t dribble your snot on my bed!”

Lucian frowned as he watched his brother sniffling.

Nox’s eyes were red, and he tried hard to control his tears under his brother’s gaze.

“Estie must be crying now,” Nox felt sorry as he mentioned Estelle.

Lucian frowned and nodded. “So, we must quickly go and comfort her!”

Nox gradually stopped sniffling when Lucian said that. “Mommy won’t let us visit Estie.”

‘Then, we’ll sneak out and go there by ourselves,” Lucian had a plan in mind.

Nox’s eyes lit up.

The two little ones sat in bed and whispered about their escape plan.

“Mommy is so busy with work these days that she won’t notice US during school hours. Let’s ask Miss Leigh Ann for a day off and look for Estie!”

Lucian’s voice sounded young, but his expression was mature.

Nox nodded vigorously. Then, he thought of something, “What if Mommy finds out…”

“Lucian frowned and looked at his brother. “Mommy won’t find out. We’ll leave our watches at home. Mommy will think we’re feeling unwell and come back early. When Mommy returns at night, we’ll be back home too!’

The little one’s plan was perfect.

This time, Nox did not ask any more questions but nodded approvingly. “I wish I could meet Daddy too!”

They could do nothing about the fact that Byron would transfer Estelle to a new kindergarten. All they could do was coax Estelle.

‘It would be great if we could meet Daddy and beg him not to transfer Estelle to a new kindergarten.’

Nox thought innocently.

Of course, Lucian knew what his brother was thinking because he was thinking the same thing.

“I wish Daddy and Mommy could get back together…”

Nox was sad again.

Lucian hugged his brother and comforted him, promising their daddy and mommy would get back together.

“If we meet Daddy tomorrow, we’ll have a good talk with Daddy about not changing Estelle’s kindergarten and about being on good terms with Mommy.”

Nox nodded his head hard.

The two little ones were whispering, looking forward to meeting their daddy tomorrow.

After a while, they huddled in the small bed and fell asleep.

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