My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 1035

Chapter 1035 Without Anyone Noticing

Lisa went to wake the little ones up for school the following day.

Her heart melted when she opened the door and saw the little ones huddling in one bed.

Before she could speak, the little ones woke up on their own.

However, they did not seem to be in good condition.

“Nanny Lisa, I have a headache…”

They slept late last night, and they had been sobbing for some time. Their voices were hoarse, and their faces were pale.

Hearing the little ones’ words, Lisa was worried. She quickly checked on the little ones’ foreheads. They did not seem like they were going to have a fever.

“Wait here. I’ll go and get your mother.”

Then, Lisa went to look for Rosalie.

Rosalie was busy with her research project and was already preparing to leave the house to work.

When she heard that the little ones were not feeling well, she put down her bag and hurried upstairs into the little ones’ room.

“Nanny Lisa said you weren’t feeling well. What’s wrong?”

Nox pounced into Rosalie’s embrace. “Mommy, I have a headache.”

Rosalie’s forehead puckered, and she took the little one’s pulse.

However, there were no symptoms.

Meanwhile, Lucian yawned. “Nox kept snatching my quilt last night, and I didn’t sleep well.”

Rosalie guessed they might be ill when she heard the little one saying this. ” Maybe you caught a cold because of it.”

The two little ones had sad looks on their faces.

Nox immediately lay on the bed when Rosalie let go of him.

Seeing the little ones feeling so uncomfortable, Rosalie frowned and said,” I’ll tell Miss Leigh An that you’re taking a day off. You guys rest well at home.”

The little ones nodded obediently.

Soon, Rosalie called Mis Leigh Ann and asked for a day off.

“I have a very important job today and can’t stay home to take care of you. Just go to sleep and go back to your bed. You’ll be fine after a good sleep.”

The little ones, glad to have her away, nodded obediently.

“Manny Lisa will take good care of us!” Lucian said in his cute voice.

Rosalie nodded slightly. Then, she spoke a few words with Lisa before leaving.

Estimating that their mother should be far away by now, the little ones looked longingly at Lisa.

“What’s the matter? Are you hungry?” Lisa looked at them with concern.

The two little ones shook their heads.

Lisa was confused and guessed, “Erm… you miss your mommy? She has a very important job…”

Before she could finish her words, the little ones interrupted her with their cute voices.

“Nanny Lisa, we have headaches and feel sleepy. We want to go to bed.”

Nox pitifully hugged his head.

Lisa stopped talking and said, “Rest well, then. I’ll call you when lunch’s ready.”

Lucian said, “We may sleep until the afternoon. Don’t call US if you knock on the door and we don’t wake up.”

Lisa recalled what Rosalie had told her before leaving and nodded.

After Lisa left the room, the two little ones immediately climbed out of bed. They looked energetic and did not seem ill.

The little ones went quietly out of the room and peered downstairs.

Lisa was busy in the kitchen.

Seeing this, the two little ones made use of their tiny bodies and sneaked downstairs and toward the door silently without anyone noticing.

The little ones opened the villa’s door carefully and ran out one after the other.

In the kitchen, Lisa seemed to hear something at the door. She went to the living room to check and saw the shut door.

Lisa thought it was her hearing things and returned to the kitchen.

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