My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 1036

Chapter 1036 Little Lady’s Friends

When the little ones slipped out of the villa successfully, the first thing they did was hail a taxi by the roadside.

The driver saw the two kids and was a little worried about giving them a ride.

However, when the driver heard where the two little ones were heading and looked at the neighborhood they had come out of, he started his car engine.

He thought he would make plenty of money on this trip since the two little ones’ parents were wealthy.

The little boys had no idea what the driver was thinking. They were wondering what their daddy would say when he saw them.

After a while, the car pulled over at Lawrence Manor.

The driver looked longingly at the door, waiting for the people inside to come out and give him money.

Lucian, however, had already taken out a hundred bucks from his backpack and handed it over, “Keep the change.”

The meter showed 60 bucks, but the boy was so anxious about Estie that he did not want change.

The driver froze and wanted to say it was too little.

However, the little ones had already gotten out of the car.

The little ones were short. Lucian was taller and could barely reach the doorbell on his tiptoes.

He pressed the doorbell, and someone answered the intercom.

“May I know who’s at the door?” Mrs. Zora looked at the empty intercom screen.

After a while, she heard the little ones’ cute voices. “Mrs. Zora, it’s US. We want to visit Estie!”

Mrs. Zora felt sorry for them.

Estelle had been crying all night, and she could imagine how much Estelle missed the little ones.

However, early this morning, Byron had already left with the little girl.

Moreover, before leaving, Byron ordered her to ask Rosalie and the little ones to leave at once if they visited.

Mrs. Zora could only be mean and say to the little ones, “Little Lady isn’t at home. Why don’t you go back home?”

Then, Mrs. Zora hung up the intercom call because she could not bear to face the little ones.

The two little ones looked at each other as they stood at the gate. They were suspicious of what Mrs. Zora told them.

They did not believe Estie was not at home. Their daddy must have asked Mrs. Zora to lie to them.

With this in mind, the little ones gave up on waiting at the front door and walked around the manor.

A palisade surrounded the manor.

The gap in the fence was narrow, but it was big enough for the little ones to get through.

The two little ones quickly found a blind spot, and with all their strength, they slipped through the gap.

It was easy to get into the manor’s grounds but challenging to get into the house inside.

Nox spread out his hands. Then, he looked at Lucian, waiting for him to think of a way.

With a frown, Lucian lifted his head and looked in the direction where Estelle’s room would possibly be.

If Estelle was there and saw them, she would help them sneak in!

However, they waited, and nothing happened in that room.

They did not see Estelle or even their daddy.

Just as the little ones were getting upset, they heard a shout from a distance.

“Who are these kids?”

Two men dressed in black appeared before them.

Nox stomped his feet. “Let go of me. I’m looking for Estie!”

The bodyguard turned a deaf ear and took the little ones to the manor’s gate, ready to report it to Byron.

Mrs. Zora happened to walk out of the house.

She could not bear to see the kids like this and said, “Don’t tell Master about it. These boys are Little Lady’s friends.”

The bodyguards would listen to Mrs. Zora. However, they were still confused. “Mrs. Zora, they came through the fence.”

Mrs. Zora felt sorry for the little ones even more.

‘You don’t have to keep looking for Estie. I’m not lying to you. Master took Little Lady out this morning.”

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