My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 1037

Chapter 1037 Tell Us What You Want Us To Do

Lucian frowned. “Do you know where Mr. Byron went with Estie?”

Mrs. Zora hesitated for a while. In the end, she gave in and said, “Maybe Master took her back to the Lawrence family’s mansion.”

Last night, she seemed to hear Byron speaking on the phone with Mrs. Lawrence.

She might have asked Master to send Little Lady to her place, and he seemed to have agreed.

The two little ones looked disappointed.

Lucian asked tentatively, “Where is the Lawrence family’s mansion? Can you tell us?”

Mrs. Zora knew they wanted to look for Estelle there from their question.

It was so far from their place.

She did not know how the two little ones got from their home to here, but Mrs. Zora would not let them go to the Lawrence family’s mansion alone.

“I know, but I can’t tell you.”

Then, Mrs. Zora beckoned the bodyguards to release the little ones. She said, “You must have come secretly without Miss Jacobs permission. Go back home quickly. She’ll be worried if she notices you’re gone.”

The little ones pursed their lips and stood where they were for a while stubbornly.

Seeing Mrs. Zora had no intention of telling them the address, they turned around and left in frustration.

They had been waiting all night to see Estie and Daddy.

It turned out that they had come for nothing.

Nox’s eyes were red again, and his steps were slow.

Lucian pursed his lips as he walked beside his brother with a serious look on his face. He was worried about Estelle’s health.

The little ones were too preoccupied to notice the limousine coming their way.

‘Those two little bastards!”

Sitting in the backseat, Wendy saw the two little ones walking along the road, and her face suddenly sank.

She came to Lawrence Manor because Melody entrusted her to bring Estelle’s clothing back to the mansion.

However, she did not expect to see the two brats early in the morning on a weekday.

These two brats still came looking for Estelle even after she had transferred to a new kindergarten.

She felt annoyed looking at them.

If Wendy were the one driving, she would have made a U-turn and killed those brats with a knock.

When the two little brats were out of her sight, Wendy’s anger boiled.

She had to teach those two brats a lesson and keep them away from Estelle!

With that in mind, an idea popped into Wendy’s mind, and she ordered the driver, ‘Turn around and go back to the small square just now!”

The driver followed her order and made a U-turn back.

Soon, the car stopped across a small square.

Glancing at the little ones from a distance, Wendy was satisfied and smiled when she saw they were still there.

“Wait here for me. I’ll be back soon.”

Then, Wendy put on her sunglasses and mask and took her crutch. Then, she headed across the road.

Across the road, at the gate of the small square, several thugs were playing cards.

Suddenly, a shadow appeared above them. A female voice then sounded from above.

“Do something for me.”

The guys stood up and spoke with displeasure, “Who are you to order us to help you?”

As they retorted, the woman took out a stack of hundred-dollar bills. “I’ll pay you more after you’ve done what I told you.”

Wendy handed the money to the nearest guy.

Seeing the money, the guys changed their attitude toward her. “Tell US what you want US to do.”

Wendy sneered and whispered her request to the guys.

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