My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 1038

Chapter 1038 Release My Brother

The thugs were shocked when they heard the woman’s request, and they looked at the stack of money in their hands.

“Are you sure it’s two kids?”

They suspected Wendy was tricking them, and she might be hiding the fact that the two people they were about to beat up were experts in martial arts.

Unexpectedly, the woman in front of them frowned impatiently. “Can you do it or not? If you can’t, then forget it!”

The thugs immediately agreed and pointed in the direction Wendy told them. “They’re over there, right? We’ll go at once!”

Then, they strode to where Lucian and Nox were in.

Looking at the thugs leaving and thinking about the pain those two kids were about to suffer, Wendy was pleased. 1

Meanwhile, the two little ones had no idea what kind of trouble they were about to face.

Nox said gloomily, “Lucian, are we not going to see Estelle anymore?”

Estelle was now in the Lawrence family’s mansion, and they did not know where it was.

Even with Nox’s hacking skills, he would not know where to start searching.

Lucian frowned. “No, Estie is so smart. She’ll contact US.”

They walked as they talked by the roadside.

Lawrence Manor was big and in a secluded area. They had to walk a distance before they reached a busy road.

They had only walked a small distance when a group of tall youngsters suddenly blocked their way.

Nox was still looking at the ground, thinking of Estelle.

Lucian was alert and stopped. He even stopped Nox, who was still walking forward.

Nox was still in a puzzle as he looked at what was before him.

‘That’s all I have with me. I can go home and get more for you if you want.”

Knowing they could not fight against those big boys, Lucian took out the money he had left and negotiated with them.

They came out with only 200 dollars for the taxi, and now they only had 100 left.

Looking at the hundred dollars in his hand and thinking of the stack of money the woman had just given them, the thugs approached the two little ones as they sneered.

“Little boy, I don’t want to bully you, but since I’ve taken the money…”

Lucian protected Nox behind him.

Then, Lucian pushed Nox and shouted, “Run!”

He also ran behind his brother.

These people did not look like they were kind. They had even taken money from someone.

Lucian could guess those guys were after them.

“Don’t you dare! You can’t outrun us!”

The few guys were shocked by Lucian’s quick reaction and realized they were running after they snapped out of their shocked state. They quickly chased after Lucian and Nox.

They were much taller and faster than Lucian and Nox.

In a while, they had easily caught the two little ones.

“What do you want? I can go with you. Release my brother!” Lucian struggled.

The boys looked at each other and were amused. “Well, this little boy is protective of his brother. We’re touched, but we still think money is better.”

Then, they threw the little ones on the ground and surrounded them.

The two little ones fell to the ground.

They were very anxious to see the big guys surrounding them.

It was his idea to sneak out and find Estelle. Nox just followed him.

He had to bring Nox home safely!

With this thought, the little one felt energy bursting out of his body. He grabbed a few tiny stones on the ground. Then, he smashed them on the guys around Nox continuously.

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