My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 1041

Chapter 1041 It Was Too Late


The little ones anxiously lay on Rosalie’s knee. “We’re fine. Don’t worry.”

Rosalie held the little ones’ hands and looked at the wounds on their arms. Her expression was gloomy.

“I know you want to see Estie, and I won’t blame you for it. However, why would you lie to me about your injuries?”

She could see that it had been more than a fall.

Besides, there was no way two little ones would fall together like that.

The boys saw that their mommy was about to cry.

Nox looked at his brother guiltily and muttered, “We met a few big guys on the road. They chased after US.”

Then, he quickly explained, ‘Thanks to Lucian, who protected me, we managed to escape and ran back safely.”

Since Nox had confessed, Lucian took responsibility for the whole matter.” Mommy, it’s my fault. I insisted on taking Nox out.”

Rosalie looked at them. “Why did they want to chase you? Were they after your money?”

Lucian wanted to explain, but Nox blurted out everything, “No. Lucian offered to give them money, but they refused to take it. They even said someone had paid them…”

Lucian quickly beckoned his brother to stop.

The little one quickly kept his mouth shut.

“It must be a mistake.”

Lucian said calmly, “Maybe they mistook US for someone else. Nox and I don’t know them at all.”

Rosalie thought of something and forced a smile. “Okay, come on. Let’s bandage your wounds first before we have dinner.”

The little ones did not dare to say anything more and obediently let their mommy treat their wound.

Once Rosalie was done dressing their wounds, she told them what to take notice of. Then, she headed upstairs and dialed Byron’s number.

Meanwhile, Byron was at the Lawrence family’s mansion.

Byron looked at Estelle, who had shut herself off from everyone else again and felt distressed.

Opposite him, Melody patiently cradled her little granddaughter. She was holding a variety of snacks and toys, trying to coax her to talk.

Estelle did not even look at them. She looked down and only played with her fingers.

“Estie, you’re going to your new school next week. Are you happy?”

Melody smiled at her granddaughter.

When the little girl heard about the new school, she finally reacted and pouted her lips unwillingly.

Byron frowned and tried to persuade his mother. “Since Estelle refuses to go to a new kindergarten, why don’t we homeschool her?”

Melody glanced at Byron. “I’ve found a good school for Estie. She has to get along with more kids to cure her illness.”

With that, she lowered her head and tried to coax Estelle.

Estelle ignored her, but Melody did not give up.

Melody was satisfied as long as her granddaughter stayed away from Rosalie and the two little ones.

Byron wanted to say something more, but the mobile phone on the table suddenly rang.

Looking at the caller ID, he frowned and picked up the call before his mother noticed.

Tm going out to take this phone call.”

Melody looked at her son, who was leaving suspiciously.

She wondered who had called and why her son was acting so mysteriously.

After walking out of the mansion, Byron stood in the garden and looked at the buzzing phone. His forehead creased more.

She might be calling at this hour because she wanted to know how Estelle was doing.

The man sneered.

It was too late for her to care now.

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