My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 1042

Chapter 1042 Shouldn’t I Be Asking You That?

Rosalie waited a long time, but the call did not get through, and it automatically hung up.

In the past, Rosalie would never call again.

However, it was about the two little ones, so she redialed Byron’s number.

Byron finally answered the call after she had dialed his number countless times.

“Why are you calling, Miss Jacobs?” Byon’s voice was cold and differed from before.

Rosalie froze and only remembered why she was calling after a few seconds.

“Why are you involving children in an affair between US adults, President Lawrence?”

She asked coldly, “I have nothing to say about you ignoring Estie’s illness and forcing her to transfer to a new kindergarten. After all, Estie is your child. However, you shouldn’t be so mean and shut Lucian and Nox out.”

Byron frowned when he heard what Rosalie said.

He thought the little woman was calling to care about Estelle.

However, she called to blame him.

It did occur to him that the little ones would visit Estelle.

However, he did not expect them to be there so early in the morning.

Aware of this, Byron frowned and found it ridiculous. ‘You used Lucian and Nox the previous time. How would I know if you wouldn’t do the same this time? I’m just preventing you from coming. Is there any problem with that?”

Rosalie knew Byron was mentioning the little ones sneaking out to find Estelle the last time.

She had not explained it to Byron and did not plan to do it either.

“Even if you refused to let them in, you should’ve at least ensured their safety since they were at your door,” Rosalie demanded.

Byron’s expression turned gloomy. “What do you mean?”

Rosalie sounded angry. “Lucian and Nox got injured when they were coming back from your place. They said a few guys chased after them. Don’t you have to inform the police about it since your area is unsafe?”

Since those people were paid to do that to Lucian and Nox, Rosalie could guess Wendy was behind this.

Recalling the scene she saw that night, Rosalie thought Byron and Wendy were on the same side.

Since Wendy did it, Byron would have been involved too.

Byron knew nothing about the little ones visiting his place that morning. He did not even know the little ones had gone through such a situation.

Although he planned to stay away from them as Rosalie wished, the two little ones adored him, and Byron liked them deep down.

Byron was furious upon hearing they were injured. “Who did this?”

Who had the audacity to lay hands on those two little ones near his manor?

Rosalie asked coldly, “Shouldn’t I be the one asking you that?”

Byron realized why Rosalie called. She wanted to ask him who did this to her sons.

After all, the little ones got hurt in his place.

Byron’s voice was not as cold as before anymore. “I just learned about this matter. Don’t worry. Since it happened in my territory, I’ll give Lucian and Nox an explanation! I’ll get to the bottom of it!”

Rosalie had no idea what was on her mind. Before she realized it, she blurted out, “I hope you’ll keep your word. You have to give the little ones an explanation no matter who is behind this. After all…”

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