My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 1045

Chapter 1045 The Answer Is Obvious

Rosalie was changing the dressing of the two little ones’ wounds.

Suddenly, the phone rang.

As soon as the little ones saw the caller ID, their eyes lit up.

Rosalie’s expression became serious.

Now, the only thing between her and Byron was the matter of the little ones ‘ injuries.

There was a high possibility Byron called her to update her about that matter.

She wondered if he had found out who was behind this.

“Mommy! Mr. Byron’s calling,” Nox urged Rosalie to answer.

Rosalie snapped out of her thought and smiled at the boys. “I’m going upstairs to answer the call. Be careful not to touch your wounds.”

The little ones were upset that Mommy wanted to take Daddy’s call away from them.

Rosalie did not notice their expression. She took the phone and headed to the study.

“I’ve checked, and someone indeed paid those guys, but I haven’t found the person behind it.”

As soon as the call went through, Rosalie heard Byron’s deep voice.

Rosalie’s expression changed. “Have you not found them yet, or do you not wish to let me know who that person is, President Lawrence?”

Even she could guess that the person behind this might be Wendy. She would not believe Byron did not find or suspect anything after investigating so much.

Byron frowned. “What do you mean, Miss Jacobs? I said I would give Lucian and Nox an explanation if I found out who was behind this. Why should I keep it a secret from you?”

Rosalie sneered. “What if that person is Wendy? She’s your fiancee, and I can do nothing about it if you want to protect her.”

Byron froze.

Rosalie mocked, “You’ve investigated the bacteria issue for so long but have yet to give me an explanation. Haven’t you found any clues?”

Byron’s face turned gloomy.

Even if Rosalie did not continue, Byron knew Rosalie was trying to say Wendy was the one who harmed the children.

However, his men had been tracking Kevin and found nothing about him contacting Wendy.

Byron never took it as though Rosalie was accusing Wendy and only felt he had to find more evidence.

“Haven’t you always wanted to know the results of my investigation? I’m telling you now that I found out that a researcher who used to work at the Fuller family’s research institute stole a batch of bacteria from the institute and is now missing.”

Rosalie questioned coldly, “Is this evidence enough for me to suspect Wendy?”

Byron did not know much about the bacteria and did not know Rosalie had investigated so much.

‘Why didn’t you tell me?” Byron asked, frowning.

Rosalie scoffed. “What’s the point of telling you this? How would I know that you wouldn’t defend your fiancee like the last time?”

She did not plan to tell him about it.

However, Wendy had hurt her children over and over again.

Rosalie would not hesitate to deal with this matter in a nasty way.

Byron remained silent for a moment, and his voice was calm when he spoke. Rosalie could not guess his emotion.

‘We need evidence to prove this matter. What you say isn’t enough to prove that Wendy is behind all these.”

A sudden silence fell over the line.

Rosalie said nothing.

After a long time, Rosalie chuckled helplessly and said, “Since you say so, President Lawrence. You think I don’t have enough evidence. If you think I’m slandering Wendy, I have nothing to say.”

With that said, she hung up the phone while finding it ironic.

She thought the answer was evident with the clue she had found.

However, she did not expect Byron to defend Wendy that much.

She could not find more evidence with the manpower and ability she had.

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