My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 1046

Chapter 1046 Watch Your Actions

Andrea quickly conveyed Wendy’s message to Kevin.

Wendy initially thought of just conducting this transaction online. After all, Kevin was still being watched by Byron’s men.

However, when the day of the transfer came, she kept feeling uneasy.

‘If I don’t see it with my own eyes, who can guarantee that Kevin really deleted the photos?’

Thinking of this, Wendy stopped touching the screen and said to Andrea coldly, “Tell Kevin I want to watch him delete those photos with my own eyes!”

Andrea was stunned when she heard this. “But if we do this, we’ll be easily exposed…”

Wendy was secretly displeased inside by her response, but she did her best to explain it gently, if we don’t do that, how will we know what tricks Kevin will play?”

Deep down, Andrea felt that something was not right, yet she still conveyed Wendy’s request to Kevin.

Kevin naturally did not want to meet.

However, the temptation of getting 10 million bucks was too great.

After thinking for a while, Kevin sent Andrea an address and made an appointment to meet there.

Andrea agreed.

Early the next morning, Andrea drove and took Wendy to the appointed place.

It was a dilapidated abandoned house, a hiding place that Kevin had found for himself long ago.

He did not expect it to be used at such a time.

When the two arrived, Kevin was already waiting in the abandoned house.

“Show me the money and 111 deliver as promised.”

Kevin lazily shook his camera at them as the two women came in.

‘This must be the camera used to secretly photograph me!’

Wendy gritted her teeth fiercely. “Ill transfer half of it first. After you delete the photos, HI transfer the rest!”

Kevin agreed noncommittally, signaling her to transfer the money first.

As a qualified private detective, Kevin was well-versed in the tactics of having more than one way out. He had even prepared a bank account for Wendy to transfer the money to.

Wendy quickly transferred five million, and Kevin also started to delete the photos in front of her.

After deleting the photos, he handed the camera over to Wendy for inspection.

After confirming that there were no photos left, Wendy transferred the remaining five million, but she was very resentful in her heart.

“I didn’t expect you to be such a person!”

Kevin raised his eyebrows. “In these years, we, the people in shady business deals, have to look out for ourselves. Otherwise, if our employer disappears, well have to bear the losses.”

Wendy gritted her teeth even more. “You’d better make sure to delete all the negatives! Otherwise, HI definitely not let you go!

“Don’t you worry. As long as the payment is received, I’ll keep my word.”

Kevin pulled his lips. “Besides, thanks to you, we’re also grasshoppers on the same rope now. I will never be that stupid.”

What he said was the truth.

If it were not for Wendy’s greedy ambition, which made her attack the children while he was monitoring Rosalie, Byron would not have found Kevin.

Right now, the three of them were linked together.

As long as one person was caught by Byron, neither of the remaining two could escape.

Realizing this fact, Wendy was even more annoyed.

‘Who would want to work with someone who could stab me in the back at any moment?’

However, she had no choice now!

“As long as you watch your actions and don’t do anything to piss off President Lawrence, maybe you can hide what had happened. But if…” Kevin gave a word of warning, passed by their shoulders, and left.

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